Hydrogen Utopia International PLC Supports European Commission’s Green Deal Industrial Plan

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Fuel Cells Works, Hydrogen Utopia International PLC Supports European Commission's Green Deal Industrial Plan

Hydrogen Utopia International PLC expressed support for the European Commission’s Green Deal Industrial Plan (GDIP) on Monday.

The company, which specializes in mixed plastic waste-to-fuel technology, stated that the plan would accelerate the growth of clean technology businesses in Europe and help the region keep pace with the US and China in clean tech development.

The GDIP aims to streamline regulations and expedite permit processes for clean tech projects, which would allow Hydrogen Utopia to commission its first plant more quickly and roll out subsequent facilities faster.

Hydrogen Utopia is dedicated to addressing Europe’s plastic waste problem and promoting a transition to a hydrogen economy. The company already has a number of projects underway in Europe, with more in the works.

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According to the CEO Aleksandra Binkowska, “excessive regulations are delaying the progress of many infrastructure projects that could help reduce pollution and address climate change. I hope the EU will prioritize the advancement of clean technologies over bureaucratic procedures for the benefit of the planet and society.”


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