Hylane Buys 78 More Hydrogen-Powered Trucks From Iveco and Expands the Fleet to 122 Vehicles

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The Cologne company hylane is expanding its rental fleet for fuel cell vehicles and has concluded purchase agreements for 78 additional trucks. 26 of the new vehicles come from the manufacturer IVECO. The companies also cooperate on the workshop network: hylane tenants of IVECO and Hyundai hydrogen trucks can now access some selected and certified workshops.

hylane already operates the largest hydrogen truck fleet in the European Union. The vehicles have proven themselves in practical use in heavy road freight transport for various customers. Due to the positive experiences and high demand, hylane is expanding the fleet by 78 new trucks to a total of 122 vehicles.

Hylane buys 78 more hydrogen powered trucks from IVECO and expands the fleet to 122 vehiclesBernd Zens, Managing Director of hylane: “We are pleased about the positive development of the company. We particularly appreciate that we can further strengthen the trust of our existing customers and successfully expand our business with them. The ongoing demand confirms that we are on the right track and motivates us to work even more committedly on our project.”

Close cooperation with IVECO

To expand its business, hylane has gained a new partner in IVECO – both as a manufacturer of trucks with fuel cells and as a workshop partner for selected vehicles. The first purchase contracts cover 26 tractor units with fuel cell drives. While the previous vehicles in the hylane fleet are refueled at a pressure of 350 bar, IVECO relies on a refueling pressure of 700 bar. This allows hylane tenants to gain experience with both systems.

Christian Sulser , Director of Sales and Marketing at Iveco Magirus AG, says: “We are pleased to have hylane, our first partner in Germany, who not only trusts in our vehicle expertise in the field of fuel cell technology, but also in our workshop expertise for fuel cell-powered vehicles .”

Technical data of the vehicles

IVECO’s FCEV tractor units have a range of up to 800 kilometers. The tanks can store up to 70 kilograms of hydrogen at a pressure of 700 bar and feed two fuel cells with an output of around 200 kW. The eAxle draws its energy from the fuel cells and the two battery packs that are installed in the middle of the frame. The system output is 400 kW. The permissible total weight of the vehicle is 44 tons.

Sara Schiffer, Managing Director of hylane: “The collaboration with IVECO represents a significant milestone in our company history. We see enormous demand and the greatest potential for reducing CO 2 emissions, particularly in the 40-ton truck sector . In addition, with IVECO we are gaining a strong partner with an established workshop network, which is of great importance to us.”

Funded by the BMDV

All vehicles purchased were funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) as part of the directive on the funding of light and heavy commercial vehicles with alternative, climate-friendly drives and the associated refueling and charging infrastructure (KsNI). The funding guidelines are coordinated by NOW GmbH, applications are approved by the Federal Office for Goods Transport. Through usage-based rental in the so-called “pay-per-use model”, hylane customers only pay for the kilometers actually driven. The funds from the funding will be used entirely to reduce the rental rates for the vehicles on offer and thus offer competitive prices.



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