Hype, a Pioneer in Hydrogen Mobility, Takes a New step with the Acquisition by HysetCo of Slota, a Major Taxi Player

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  • Fundraising of more than 80 million euros, thanks to the arrival of four new financial partners who join HysetCo and Hype: RGREEN INVEST, Mirova (affiliate of Natixis Investment Managers), RAISE Impact and Eiffel Investment Group
  • The acceleration of the deployment of hydrogen distribution stations with new commissioning from 2021 to strengthen the network in Île-de-France
  • The gradual replacement of the Slota fleet of 600 diesel vehicles by zero-emission vehicles

Paris — HysetCo, an asset company dedicated to the development of hydrogen mobility, which owns the largest fleet of hydrogen taxis in the world, operated by Hype , today announces the acquisition of the Slota Group , historical operator of Parisian taxis. In order to finance the acquisition of the Slota Group from the investment fund Naxicap and the installation of two new hydrogen stations, HysetCo and Hype have been able to bring together a group of leading financial partners, made up of RGREEN INVEST , Mirova, RAISE Impact and Eiffel Investment Group . As part of this transaction, Air Liquide has also strengthened its commitments. Thanks to this fundraising, HysetCo and Hype now exceed 100 million euros of investment.

The fleet of diesel vehicles operated by Slota today will be gradually replaced by Toyota Mirai – fuel cell sedans – and will be operated by Hype. The expertise of the Slota teams will enable HysetCo to achieve its objectives and accelerate its growth.

To support the growing power of this fleet, new hydrogen stations will complement the existing network from 2021, including a Porte de Saint-Cloud station on a site in the City of Paris. This deployment benefits from the financial support of ADEME 1 , the Île-de-France region and the FCH-JU (Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking 2 ). HysetCo also plans to operate around 20 hydrogen stations by the end of 2024.

Through this key step, the partners reaffirm their ambition to accelerate the transition of passenger transport towards a zero-emission model, in accordance with the environmental objectives of the City of Paris and the Île-de-France Region, in particular around reducing air pollution and noise pollution: “zero emissions for taxis and VTC for 2024”. HysetCo also aims to simultaneously promote the emergence of other relevant uses for hydrogen mobility, as well as to replicate this model in other geographies.

Loïc Voisin, President, HysetCo declares : “We are delighted that the recognized skills and know-how of Slota reinforce the unique offer of HysetCo which combines infrastructures, vehicles and uses of the world’s leading fleet of hydrogen taxis. With this key step, HysetCo confirms its innovative positioning at the forefront of zero-emission hydrogen urban mobility, and its strong development dynamic to contribute today and tomorrow to pollution-free cities. “

Mathieu Gardies, President, STEP (“Hype”) declares : “The outcome of this operation in the particular context of 2020, illustrates the dynamics of the Hype project, which is reinforced by the quality of our new financial partners, and by the support renewed on this occasion from Air Liquide. We now have the necessary elements to accelerate its scale-up, in the Paris region and in other geographies; always with the objective of combating air pollution by facilitating the short-term use and by the greatest number, drivers and customers, of zero-emission mobility solutions made possible by hydrogen. “

Pierre-Étienne Franc, Director of Hydrogen Energy Activities, Air Liquide, declares : “With the acquisition of this key player in Parisian taxis, Hype / HysetCo is taking an important step towards the transition to clean mobility thanks to hydrogen. Since 2015, Air Liquide has been proud to support this project, which is now entering a new phase of development in Île-de-France, and will help support the deployment of the project in new geographies. “

Alain Rossignol, President, Kouros France, declares : “KOUROS is proud to support the development of Hysetco, which intends to continue its growth and offer tomorrow to all taxis and VTC in Ile de France a zero emission mobility offer integrating vehicles and charging infrastructure. This step foreshadows what transport will be in our cities in the future: transport available, silent and without impact on either health or the climate. “

Frank Marotte, Chairman and CEO, Toyota France declares : “This acquisition will demonstrate, on a large scale, that a new shared mobility without CO2 emissions is possible. This initiative will constitute the largest fleet of taxis in the world using hydrogen as an energy source. We are particularly proud to be associated with it, and thus to strengthen Toyota’s investments in France. France, which already hosts our industrial, commercial and design activities, is now becoming a global showcase for Toyota’s know-how in hydrogen mobility. More generally, for Toyota it is an important contribution on the road that will make us a zero emission mobility company. “

Nicolas Rochon, President and Founder of RGREEN INVEST, comments : “As an independent management company, RGREEN INVEST has chosen to devote itself to the exclusive financing of projects accelerating the energy transition and adaptation to climate change. The future of mobility must in particular pass through hydrogen, which is today a low-emission technology, able to reconcile the development of transport and climate emergency. If access to this solution is still expensive today, we are convinced of its future profitability. It is for this reason that our NOUVELLES ENERGIES II fund invests in senior debt in order to make this acquisition possible and thus accelerate the development of green mobility and low-carbon transport in France. “

For Raphaël Lance, Director of Mirova’s Energy Transition Infrastructure Funds : “Since its creation, Mirova has been committed to energy transition. With the Mirova Eurofideme 4 3 Fund , we wanted to go even further, by committing to sustainable mobility. After having carried out several operations in electric mobility in recent months, we are very happy to participate in the development of hydrogen mobility by investing to support the change of scale of Hype, a leading player in the sector. “

Aglaé Touchard Le Drian and Eric Coisne, Associate Directors of RAISE Impact declare : “RAISE Impact is particularly proud to support Hype in its development and thus to contribute to the deployment of the hydrogen sector in France for clean mobility, a priority innovation sector. of the productive pact defined by the State. This emblematic transaction materializes RAISE’s historic ties with the project partners, Air Liquide and Toyota, as well as with other financial co-investors. “

Pierre-Antoine Machelon, Managing Director, Eiffel Investment Group, and Marc-Etienne Mercadier, manager of the Eiffel Gaz Vert fund, declared : “We are particularly pleased to join forces with the world leaders in industrial gas and mobility businesses, and to participate in the leading financial consortium formed to finance this large-scale operation. Bringing the ecosystem developed by Hype for the use of carbon-free hydrogen in shared mobility to an industrial scale is perfectly in line with the impact investment strategy of Eiffel Investment Group and the Eiffel Gaz Vert fund. “

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