Hypersonix and PFi Aerospace Enter ‘Build Phase’ for Green Hydrogen-Powered Space Launch Vehicle

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Fuel Cells Works, Hypersonix and PFi Aerospace Enter ‘Build Phase’ for Green Hydrogen-Powered Space Launch Vehicle

Engineering design and manufacturing specialist PFi Aerospace will work with Hypersonix Launch Systems on their scramjet assisted launch vehicle powered by green hydrogen fuel.

The two local companies have signed a framework agreement to work together through the ‘build phase’ of the prototype SPARTAN scramjet, developed and successfully tested in the shock tunnel by Hypersonix.

“Hypersonix Launch Systems is certainly one Queensland space company to watch right now”, said PFi Aerospace CEO Nick Green.

“Their innovative technology is impressive and we are very happy to give them a hand fabricating and testing components for their fifth-generation SPARTAN scramjet engine and their green hydrogen fuel system that goes with it. “

“We have in-house expertise and equipment at our Darra head office to support vibrant, innovative enterprises as they move from proof of concept to achieving significant scale,” Mr Green said.

“We feel that scramjet technology has great potential for Australia, right up there alongside more traditional rocket technology. “

“That’s why we are keen to see scramjet technology included in our Science of Rockets educational program, where we encourage high school students to follow a career path in Science Technology, Engineering and Maths, especially in our growing local space industry. “

“Scramjet technology powered by green hydrogen, also produced locally, will resonate with young we feel who have a heightened awareness of environmental issues and a genuine desire to protect our precious biosphere”, Mr Green said.


Hypersonix PFI aerospace build phase Dr Andrew Dann

Hypersonix Managing Director David Waterhouse said the framework agreement with PFi was a significant step in his company’s commercialisation process. 

“PFi’s expertise will boost our knowledge and capabilities and therefore shorten our time to market, reduce our risk and reduce our costs, “Mr Waterhouse said. 

“We are full steam ahead now on our build, something which makes any engineer’s heart beat faster. It is a very exciting time to our team, which has grown to 16 people over the past 12 months.”

“Our companies have a lot in common. We share an interest in encouraging greater participation in STEM at school and university and also greater participation in aerospace training and careers by women. “

Under the framework agreement, PFi Aerospace. Is providing a suitable site for bench testing and operation and also providing access to other essential testing facilities.

All be-spoke parts required for the test-rig will be developed in collaboration with PFi Aerospace.

PFI’s HAILI- short for Hybrid All Inclusive Learning Instrument- Rocket STEM program, being delivered to high school and TAFE students in Queensland, is sponsored by local industry who are keen to contribute to bridging the skills shortage in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) fields. 

For more information about the Science of Rockets STEM program, please check out this video link

science agreement PFI aerospace hypersonix

For more information about Hypersonix Launch Systems, please have a look at our company video here

For more general information contact either Nina Patz on [email protected] or Nick Green on [email protected] .

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