HYPOWER LAB to Lead the Popularization of Hydrogen Delivery Drones

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SEOUL, KOREA— HYPOWER LAB, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel cell R&D, completed the development of the hydrogen fuel cell drone for delivery and the design of a drone-specific fuel cell mass production system.

HYPOWER Lab has been participated in the R&D of hydrogen fuel cell exclusively for drones with the hydrogen fuel cell research center under the IPCP RAS of Russia and announced the completion of the development of the hydrogen fuel cell drones for mass production after going through the various commercialization tests.

The hydrogen fuel cell research center under the IPCP RAS has been highly recognized as the best hydrogen fuel cell research center in Russia and Eastern Europe because it has presented various applications that can be commercialized in terms of materials and parts, thanks to the efforts of more than 600 researchers during the last 20 years.

According to DrSc, Prof. Yury Dobrovolsky, who is leading the research center, during the period of co-development with HYPOWER LAB of the fuel cell hydrogen exclusively for drones, the hydrogen fuel cell drone with excellent performance could be developed by combining Russian hydrogen fuel cell technology and Korean AI technology; based on this R&D accomplishments, the company could complete the mass production system for supplying hydrogen fuel cell at reasonable prices.

HYPOWER LAB said, “We will lead the popularization of drone aircraft in the delivery drone commercialization market that needs around 3 million commercial drones in 2025, by establishing the hydrogen fuel cell mass production system exclusively for drones in South Korea.”

In the future, HYPOWER LAB and the hydrogen research team of DrSc, Prof. Yury Dobrovolsky, is planning to actively participate in the joint R&D of various mobiles using hydrogen fuel cells and the establishment of a hydrogen cluster in South Korea and Russia.


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