Hysata Unveils Pioneering Electrolyser Manufacturing Facility in Port Kembla: a Leap Forward in Green Hydrogen Production

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Hysata Unveils Pioneering Electrolyser Manufacturing Facility in Port Kembla a Leap Forward in Green Hydrogen Production

Wollongong– In a remarkable stride towards transforming the future of green hydrogen production, Australian electrolyser company, Hysata, has officially opened its 8,000 sqm global headquarters and cutting-edge electrolyser manufacturing facility in Port Kembla.

The new facility stands as a testament to Hysata’s commitment to revolutionize the economics of green hydrogen production. With its high-efficiency electrolyser technology, Hysata aims to expedite the decarbonisation process across several sectors, including steel manufacturing, chemical production, and heavy transport.

The Australian Government has shown unwavering support for Hysata’s innovative vision by awarding a $20.9 million grant from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) under the Advancing Renewables Program. These funds will foster the commercial demonstration of a 5 MW electrolyser unit, scheduled for trial near Rockhampton’s Stanwell Power Station, Queensland.

An additional boost comes from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Queensland Government-owned power company, Stanwell Corporation, that pledges $3 million to the project, along with providing site and facilities for the electrolyser’s field deployment. This collaboration is expected to create 44 new local jobs at Hysata.

The company’s CEO, Dr. Paul Barrett, underscored the significance of this move, stating, “Hysata’s new facility in Port Kembla signals the next phase of our scale-up journey. Our plan encompasses the construction of a 100 MW per annum production line, with commercial-scale units scheduled for delivery in 2025, including the 5 MW electrolyser unit for Stanwell’s project. And we will ramp up rapidly to giga scale capacity thereafter.”

What sets Hysata’s electrolyser apart is its unparalleled 95% efficiency (41.5 kWh/kg H2), cost-effective materials, and minimized Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) costs. This potent combination will render the lowest Levelised Cost of Hydrogen (LCOH) for green hydrogen producers.

Minister for Climate Change and Energy, the Hon Chris Bowen MP, lauded the initiative, saying, “We’re delighted to support game-changing, homegrown innovation that will power our future as a clean energy manufacturer and a renewable energy superpower.”

The project is also backed by Stanwell CEO Michael O’Rourke, who expressed enthusiasm about facilitating the commercialisation of Hysata’s groundbreaking Australian technology.

With its remarkable efficiency, verified by top-tier peer-reviewed journal Nature Communications, Hysata’s electrolysers are poised to redefine the green hydrogen landscape. This initiative not only signifies Australia’s leadership in renewable energy but also sets the stage for the nation to be at the forefront of global efforts towards a sustainable future.

“This site will also serve as the headquarters for our entire staff, fostering collaboration and fortifying our values-driven culture. We look forward to creating hundreds more local jobs and strengthening Australia’s sovereign manufacturing capabilities as we continue to grow,” concluded Dr. Barrett.

The inauguration of Hysata’s facility paints a promising picture for the future of hydrogen as an alternative energy source, aligning with Australia’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. It underscores the potential of hydrogen to be a vital player in the global renewable energy landscape.



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