Throwback Thursday Story: HysetCo Unveils Europe’s Largest Hydrogen Station in Paris

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Paris, France — HysetCo, a European leader in light hydrogen mobility, marks a significant milestone in its industrial project with the inauguration of its fourth hydrogen distribution station, located in Paris at Porte de St Cloud. This new station, currently the largest in Europe for light vehicles, has the capacity to produce and deliver up to 1 ton of low-carbon hydrogen per day.

A key step in HysetCo’s industrial project

This opening is a significant step for HysetCo, which complements its network consisting of three other operational stations at Orly, Roissy, and Porte de La Chapelle. It also represents a scaling of the project, as this new station is capable of delivering four times more hydrogen than each of the already active stations, with a capacity of 1 ton per day. This substantial increase will support the sharp rise in the use of hydrogen mobility in Île-de-France, as HysetCo already distributes more than 16 tons of hydrogen per month, equivalent to nearly 6,000 hydrogen fill-ups and over 1.3 million kilometers traveled by its customers each month. For the first time, this station has an electrolyzer, which allows HysetCo to locally produce and distribute low-carbon hydrogen.

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A leading hydrogen mobility startup in France

With this new commissioning, HysetCo continues its mission to accelerate the transition to a zero-emission mobility solution for intensive uses, such as passenger transport and professionals. This ambition aligns with the environmental objectives of Europe, the French Government, the City of Paris, and the Île-de-France region to rapidly reduce air pollution, as well as with the climate ambition of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

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In this regard, HysetCo actively supports its customers in their transition from thermal vehicles to zero-emission hydrogen mobility. To date, HysetCo manages more than 300 hydrogen vehicles rented for taxi use in Île-de-France and is developing a range of light hydrogen utility vehicles.

A project supported by key public and private sector stakeholders

The construction of this new station is supported by public partners committed to the economic development and energy transition of territories, notably the State through ADEME, the Île-de-France region, the European Commission, and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership.

In addition, since its creation, HysetCo benefits from the support of its shareholders and industrial partners who are key players in the hydrogen sector such as Air Liquide, Toyota, Total Energies, and Kouros, as well as the support of specialist private investors in the energy transition (Eiffel Investment Group, Mirova, Raise and RGreen Invest). HysetCo thus positions itself with strategic supports to continue the deployment of its unique hydrogen ecosystem.

The startup continues its development by multiplying uses and geographies. With the aim of covering, by the end of 2024, the Île-de-France region with a network of a dozen hydrogen stations. This network will serve the most promising Zero Emission mobility uses planned for this period, particularly in view of the Paris Olympic Games, such as taxis and passenger transport, professional uses with utility vehicles, and the emergence of other hydrogen mobilities such as buses, trucks, and boats.

Loïc Voisin, President of HysetCo, states: “We are firmly committed to improving air quality. We are proud to inaugurate Europe’s largest hydrogen station, marking a key milestone in HysetCo’s industrial project and accelerating the transition to zero-emission hydrogen mobility. We thank all our partners who support our unique hydrogen mobility services and allow us to effectively deploy our ecosystem and large-scale hydrogen solutions, multiplying uses and geographies.”

For Marc Guillaume, Prefect of the Île-de-France region, Prefect of Paris: “With the national strategy for the development of decarbonized hydrogen announced by the Government in 2020 and the France 2030 plan, France is equipping itself, with 9 billion euros, to create a competitive renewable and low-carbon hydrogen sector, and to become one of the world leaders in decarbonized hydrogen by electrolysis. The HysetCo project, a 2020 winner of the ADEME’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility Ecosystems’ call for projects, thus contributes, as of today, to Île-de-France’s transition to decarbonized mobility. The Porte de Saint Cloud station is an already identified refueling point for hydrogen vehicles that will circulate during the Olympic Games.”

For Valérie Pécresse, President of the Île-de-France region: “Hydrogen is a strategic sector for the Île-de-France region for decarbonizing our mobility. It is also an issue of our country’s energy autonomy as hydrogen storage is indispensable for the development of renewable and local energies. The discovery of white hydrogen reserves in our soils only makes the hydrogen sector more relevant on this point. With already 200 light vehicles and 7 buses in circulation, Île-de-France has fully taken its part in the development of the sector. By supporting the HYSETCO project, we intend to become the leading territory for hydrogen mobility.”

For Jérémie Almosni, Regional Director of ADEME Île-de-France: “Since 2018, through its calls for projects ‘Hydrogen Mobility Ecosystems’ and ‘Territorial Hydrogen Ecosystems’, ADEME supports the deployment of hydrogen production and distribution installations produced by water electrolysis, as well as its uses, notably heavy mobility. ADEME Île-de-France is proud to accompany and support HysetCo’s project with 11 million euros, which will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality, while contributing to the sustainability of the Paris Olympic Games. The inauguration of this new station is another step towards achieving these goals!”

For Richard Ferrer, Head of the ‘Alternative Fuels & Innovation’ sector of the European Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and Environment (CINEA): “The implementation of this project illustrates the support provided by the European Union to accelerate the transition to decarbonized mobility in Europe. The H2F4P Hydrogen Fuel For Paris project positions Paris and Île-de-France even more as European references in low-carbon transport and contributes concretely to the realization of the Green Deal for Europe. In total, 6.7 million euros in grants are awarded to HysetCo by the Interconnection Mechanism for Europe (MIE) to contribute to the improvement of the daily life of the inhabitants of Île-de-France and Europeans in general, in association with ADEME, the Île-de-France region, and the ‘Partnership for Clean Hydrogen’.”

For Mirela Atanasiu, Interim Executive Director, Clean Hydrogen Partnership: “The funding of the joint enterprise ‘Clean Hydrogen’, through its flagship project H2ME2, was crucial for the introduction of hydrogen vehicles and the development of a network of hydrogen refuelling stations both in France and elsewhere in Europe. In France, and particularly in Paris, hydrogen mobility is already very present and I hope it will continue to develop thanks to innovative companies like Hysetco. The joint deployment of stations and vehicles allows mobility actors, including taxis, to demonstrate to the public the benefits of the quiet and clean mobility that hydrogen offers.”


HYSETCO is a pioneering hydrogen mobility company that has developed a unique positioning with the 1st network of hydrogen refueling infrastructures in France and a unique integrated offering including all services useful to hydrogen vehicle drivers. In 2022, HYSETCO distributed more than 100 tons of hydrogen to its customers. Experiencing strong growth, HYSETCO now distributes 16 tons of hydrogen per month and manages over 300 hydrogen vehicles.

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