Hyundai Construction Equipment to Develop Hydrogen Forklifts for Warehouses

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Hyundai Construction Equipment to Develop Hydrogen Forklifts for Warehouses
  •  Signed an MOU with S Fuel Cell and decided to develop a 1-3 ton class hydrogen forklift
  •  Target to commercialize small hydrogen forklifts by 2023
  • Leading the eco-friendly logistics business by developing a small model following the development of the first medium-sized hydrogen forklift in Korea

Hyundai Construction Equipment is accelerating its forklift involvement in the market by developing a small hydrogen forklift of 1 to 3 ton class.

Hyundai Construction Fuel Cell Forklift Agreement

Hyundai Construction Equipment announced on the 17th (Tuesday) that it signed a ‘joint MOU to expand the supply of hydrogen fuel cell forklifts’ with S Fuel Cell, a company specializing in hydrogen fuel cells, to jointly develop small hydrogen forklifts.

According to this agreement, Hyundai Construction Equipment will be responsible for the production of hydrogen forklifts and power pack control and communication systems, and S Fuel Cell will be responsible for the development and production of hydrogen fuel cell power packs.

With this, Hyundai Construction Equipment will expand its hydrogen forklift lineup to further solidify its leading position in the upcoming eco-friendly forklift market, and S-Puelcell will be able to secure a stable hydrogen pack supplier in the future, creating synergy effects.

The hydrogen fuel cell power pack for forklifts jointly developed by the two companies can work for up to 8 hours on a single charge based on more stable output performance.

Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen, and are attracting attention as an eco-friendly alternative energy that has high energy efficiency and does not generate pollutants.

In the United States, where the use of hydrogen fuel cells is active, more than 30,000 hydrogen forklifts have been sold and are being used in large warehouses such as Walmart and Amazon. Hyundai Construction Equipment plans to complete the commercialization of small hydrogen forklift trucks by 2023, when the relevant infrastructure is expected to be built in Korea.

Meanwhile, S-Fuel Cell currently occupies more than 50% of the domestic building fuel cell market, and in June of this year, it was selected as a ‘hydrogen-specialized company’ by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy in recognition of its technological prowess.

Hwang Jong-hyeon, head of the industrial vehicle R&D division at Hyundai Construction Equipment, said, “Hyundai Construction Equipment and Hyundai Mobis succeeded in developing the first 5-ton medium-sized hydrogen forklift truck in Korea in 2020. We will lead the eco-friendly logistics business by expanding our product lineup to a ~3-ton class small hydrogen forklift truck.” 

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