Hyundai Motor and Doosan Fuel Cell Sign MOU for the Demonstration of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Distributed Power Generation System

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Hyundai Motor Company and Doosan Fuel Cell will jointly develop and demonstrate the hydrogen fuel cell distributed power generation system to realize the vision of eco-friendly distributed power generation and hydrogen society.

Hyundai Motor Co., Doosan Fuel Cell and Ulsan Techno Park announced that they have signed an MOU for the demonstration of distributed power generation of hydrogen fuel cells.

By signing this Memorandum of Understanding, the two companies will explore the hydrogen fuel cell distributed power generation system that can respond to variable loads and develop new business models for distributed power generation.

The hydrogen fuel cell power generation system, which will be jointly demonstrated, is a hybrid type system that combines Hyundai Motor’s polymer electrolyte fuel cell and Doosan Fuel Cell’s phosphate fuel cell, and Ulsan Techno Park, where the system will be constructed, is in charge of infrastructure construction, operation, and support.

Hyundai Motor’s polymer electrolyte fuel cell, which can control outputs rapidly, responds to sudden fluctuating loads, while Doosan Fuel Cell’s phosphoric acid fuel cell responds to relatively fluctuating loads.

With the cooperation with Doosan Fuel Cell, Hyundai Motors plans to make efforts to promote the distribution of fuel cells for power generation, foster distributed power generation industry to solve power supply imbalances and to revitalize local economies including hydrogen industry.

Hydrogen fuel cell distributed power generation system is able to adjust the output immediately when it is needed, which can solve the fluctuations in power supply and supply caused by environmentally friendly renewable energy such as solar power and wind power and the instability of electric power grid. Of course, it is expected to contribute to the revitalization of the hydrogen economy.

Hyundai Motor has continuously made efforts to develop and commercialize fuel cell power generation systems, which are essential technologies to lead the hydrogen society and become a new renewable energy powerhouse, by utilizing the know-how accumulated through the development of hydrogen-electric vehicles.

Since December last year, Ulsan Techno Park has been conducting demonstrations of fuel cell systems for power generation in cooperation with Ulsan.

A representative of Hyundai Motor said, “As problems of power supply and demand imbalances in the world is emerging, fuel cell power generation, which is a representative distributed power source, can be a solution.” Hyundai will do its best to contribute to this solution. ”

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