Hyundai Motor Company and LS Electric Sign Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Development Agreement

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Hyundai Motor Company and LS Electric Sign Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Generation Development Agreement

Hyundai Motor Company and LS Electric will cooperate to develop a hydrogen fuel cell-based power generation system. Through this, we will take the lead in expanding the supply of eco-friendly energy and early realization of a hydrogen society.

Hyundai Motor Company, on the 8th of December (Tue), at the Hyundai Motors Environmental Technology Research Center (located in Yongin, Gyeonggi), Se-Hoon Kim, Head of Fuel Cell Business Division, Hyundai Motors (Executive Vice President), Soon-Chan Park, Head of Fuel Cell Business Dept., Hyundai Motors (Executive Vice President), Jae-Seok Oh, Head of Global Business Division, LS Electric , Kim Young-geun, CTO (Chief Technology Officer, Executive Vice President) of LS Electric, announced that they signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the content of’Mutual cooperation related to the development and supply of hydrogen fuel cell power generation systems’.

This MOU was made with the intention of Hyundai Motor Company, which is pursuing the development and commercialization of fuel cell systems in various ways, and LS Electric, which is planning to expand the fuel cell-based power generation business recently.

In particular, a synergy effect is expected between Hyundai Motor Company, which has core technology for hydrogen fuel cell systems and experience in mass production of hydrogen electric vehicles, and LS Electric, which has been in charge of operating integrated power system solutions and mass production of various power devices.

With the MOU, the two companies will promote the development of a power generation system based on Hyundai Motor’s hydrogen fuel cell system. In this process, Hyundai Motor Company is in charge of supplying fuel cell systems and technical support, and LS Electric is in charge of producing power generation systems and building integrated solutions.

The hydrogen fuel cell system of Hyundai Motor Company is a 95kW fuel cell system applied to the hydrogen electric vehicle Nexo, the hydrogen electric truck Exient, and the hydrogen electric bus Electic.

The two companies plan to introduce a power generation system for pilot projects in 2021, after demonstrating the power plant.

In particular, by developing a power generation system that can adjust the output immediately when necessary;

▲Responding to emergency power generation and power peaks for buildings and industries

▲Reducing the power grid load due to the spread of electrification

▲Resolving fluctuations in power supply and demand for renewable energy such as solar and wind power and power grid instability, etc. As it can be expected to be effective, demand is expected to increase gradually in the future.

At the same time, the two companies plan to work together to accelerate the transition to a hydrogen society, such as expanding the market for power generation systems based on fuel cells.

Kim Se-hoon, head of the fuel cell business division of Hyundai Motors (Executive Vice President), said, “Hyundai Motors is pursuing application to various fields such as passenger cars and commercial vehicles, as well as ships and trains based on the hydrogen fuel cell system. It is the first step toward full-scale expansion.”

“The hydrogen fuel cell power generation system completed through this agreement with Hyundai Motor Company has the advantage of being able to actively respond to changes in power supply and demand,” said Oh Jae-seok, vice president of global business division at LS Electric. “Based on this cooperation, In the future, we will be able to supply the system to the global power market.”

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