Hyundai Motors Opens H-Hannam Hydrogen Station

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Hyundai Hydrogen Station H Hanam Main
  • Completed installation of hydrogen refueling station in Hanam Dream Rest Area of ​​Jungbu Expressway.
  • Hydrogen station capable of refueling more than 70 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a day and open all year round

The eighth hydrogen fueling station of the ‘highway hydrogen fueling stations’ that Hyundai Motors co-operates with Korea Expressway Corporation open at the Hanam Dream Rest Area.

Hyundai Motor Company announced recently that ‘H Hanam Hydrogen Refueling Station’ located in the Jungbu Expressway Hanam Dream Rest Area (Hannam-si, Gyeonggi-do) is completed and opened.

‘H Hanam Hydrogen Charging Station’ is part of the ‘High Speed ​​Hydrogen Refueling Station Installation Project’ conducted by Hyundai Motor and Korea Expressway Corporation.

Hyundai Motor Company and Korea Expressway Corporation started the Anseong Rest Area and Yeoju Rest Area at Yeongdong Expressway in April of this year to improve the refueling convenience of customers who operate hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles on highways including Gyeonggi-do and to contribute to the distribution of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles. Eight hydrogen highway stations have been built nationwide.

‘H Hanam Hydrogen Charging Station’ reflecting Hyundai’s unique design and identity has a refueling capacity of 25kg / h that can refuel more than 70 hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles in a total area of ​​160㎡.

‘H Hanam Hydrogen Station’ is a hydrogen station in the rest area located in the metropolitan area, which not only enhances the driver’s convenience of charging, but also serves as a major starting point to resolve the inconvenience of long-distance drivers as the first stop of the descending off the Central Expressway and the last stop of the ascent.

An official of Hyundai Motor said, “The H Hanam Hydrogen Refueling Station provides an opportunity to resolve the inconvenience of long-distance operation of hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle customers.” “Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle supply and refueling infrastructure will enable Korea to be reborn as a true hydrogen society in the future. I will do my best to help in this expansion. ”

Meanwhile, since its launch in March of last year, Hyundai’s hydrogen fuel cell electric car Nexo has manufactured 9,779 units in Korea and 3,216 units shipped (as of September 20, 2019).


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