Hyundai Officially Opens First Highway Hydrogen Filling Station with Korea Highway Corporation

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HYUNDAI MOTOR CO., LTD. held the opening ceremony of the hydrogen filling station in Anseong Rest Area (located in Anseong, Gyeonggi Province) on Friday.

The opening ceremony was held at the hydrogen filling station of Anseong Resting Station Hydrogen Station in Gyeongbu Expressway, Seoul, built by Hyundai Motor, and the hydrogen filling station of the Busan Branch resting place built by Korea Expressway Corporation.

The ministers of the Ministry of Land Transportation Kim Hyunmi, Including the president, Kim Hak-yong of the free Korean government, attended the ceremony.

Among the rest areas in Gyeongbu Expressway, Anseong rest area, which is the first in Korea to be equipped with a highway hydrogen filling station, is a rest area, which is regarded as the key point of transportation due to a large number of traffic and users. Hyundai Motor and Korea Highway Corporation constructed this hydrogen station to improve the convenience of charging and to contribute to the dissemination of hydrogen electric vehicles.

Hyundai Hydrogen Station 2In particular, the hydrogen filling station of Anseong Rest Area in Seoul, built by Hyundai Motors, is the first Hyundai Motors station to feature its own hydrogen filling station design and branding .

Through the design of the charging station, HMC has been able to effectively convey the image of hydrogen energy as a new energy source, emphasize environmentally friendly properties, and strive to bring the properties of light and clean hydrogen.

As a result, the charging station design is more compact and modern than the existing gas station or LPG gas filling station, and the clean and clean space image is completed through the unusual directing using the translucent outer wall .

In addition, Hyundai Motors plans to install a logo that utilizes the unique, stylish Hyundai automobile typeface and apply it to all the charging stations that Hyundai will build in the future, along with its unique charging station design, to strengthen its identity as a hydrogen filling station.

The hydrogen filling station of Anseong Rest Area (Seoul direction), which reflects the unique design and identity of Hyundai Motor, has a total capacity of 356㎡ and has a capacity of 25kg / h which can buffer more than 5 hydrogen electric vehicles per hour . It will be open until 10 pm.

At the same time, Hyundai Motors officially opened the hydrogen filling station of Yeongdong Expressway Yeoju Expressway (Gangneung Expressway), which was temporarily operated during the Pyeongchang Olympic Games.

In addition, Hyundai Motor has announced plans to open additional hydrogen filling stations at the following locations;

▲Hanam Rest Area (located in Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do)

▲ Haman Rest Area (Namhae Expressway )

▲ The Eonyang rest stop in Gyeongbu Expressway (Ulju-gun, Ulsan)

▲ Baekyangsa resting place in Honam Expressway (Jangseong-gun, Jeollanam-do)

▲ Announcement of a blueprint for establishing a hydrogen filling station in Sungju Rest Area (Seongju-gun, Gyeongbuk Province) did.

By the first half of this year, a total of eight hydrogen filling stations will be operated in Korea’s major highways . The convenience of existing customers who feel uncomfortable with long-distance operation of hydrogen electric vehicles due to the lack of hydrogen charging infrastructure , The industry predicted it would go crazy.

In addition, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced plans to build a total of 310 hydrogen filling stations by 2022 at key transit centers nationwide including the highway rest area, the compound transfer center, and the bus garage. Hyundai Motor also plans to build the National Assembly building in Yeongdeungpo- From the beginning, until September , the government announced plans to open four hydrogen filling stations inGangdong-gu, Busan-si Sangsang -gu and Incheon-si Namdong-gu .

A Hyundai Motor official said, “The hydrogen refueling station in Anseong Rest Area is a precious result created with the intention of expanding the hydrogen filling infrastructure. ” “Hyundai Motor is going beyond merely expanding the supply of hydrogen electric vehicles, We will strive to expand the hydrogen infrastructure by the day when it is built. ”

Meanwhile, last month, HMC continued to actively support the construction of a hydrogen filling station by participating in the Hydrogen energy Network (Hynet), a special purpose corporation for expanding the hydrogen filling station infrastructure, in cooperation with the energy industry. and, ▲ 7.6 one trillion won of new investment by 2030 ▲ 5.1 ten thousand people new employment ▲ hydrogen electric vehicles per year 500 000 production ▲ ‘hydrogen electric vehicles (FCEV) vision which aims to hydrogen fuel cell system annually 70 expiration of production, such as aggressive for 2030’ to achieve It is continuing the movement.

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