Hyundai Signs MOU with Yeosu Gwangyang Port Corporation to Commercialize Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Trucks

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Hyundai Motor Company and Yeosu Gwangyang Port Corporation recently signed an MOU commercialize hydrogen-fuel cell trucks for logistics transportation.

The agreement includes the development and demonstration of a hydrogen fuel cell truck for logistics transportation and the establishment of a hydrogen refueling station to establish hydrogen mobility and revitalize the hydrogen economy of Gwangyang Port.

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Accordingly, Hyundai Motor has expanded the field of hydrogen fuel cell application by developing and piloting a hydrogen fuel cell truck, and Yeosu Gwangyang Port Authority decided to support the pilot project by providing a hydrogen charging station construction site in Gwangyang Port.

Hyundai plans to develop hydrogen fuel cell trucks for logistics transportation by, introducing two vehicles by 2023, and then adding 10 more.

The hydrogen fuel cell trucks will run about 320km from Gwangyang Port to Busan.

In addition, Yeosu Gwangyang Port Corporation will provide a site (about 2,000㎡) for the construction of a hydrogen refueling station in Gwangyang port by 2022.

In 2018., Hyundai Motor signed a contract with H2Energy in Switzerland to supply hydrogen-based electric trucks for large-size refrigeration vans and general vans.

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