Hyundai to Supply 850 Hydrogen Trucks/Buses to Pyeongtaek City by 2030

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Fuel Cells Works, Hyundai to Supply 850 Hydrogen Trucks/Buses to Pyeongtaek City by 2030

The government, local governments, and private companies joined hands to make Pyeongtaek a city leading the hydrogen economy.

Hyundai Motor Company announced on the 24th (Thursday) that it had signed an MOU with ▲Ministry of Environment ▲Gyeonggi Province ▲Pyeongtaek City ▲SK E&S ▲Korea Gas Technology Corporation ▲Hyundai Glovis at the Pyeongtaek City Stadium (Sosaworm Sports Town).

The signing ceremony was attended by Hyundai Motor Company Jeongwon University Domestic Support Division Director, Environment Minister Han Jeong-ae, Gyeonggi-do Environment Bureau Director Eom Jin-seop, Pyeongtaek City Mayor Jeong Jang-seon, National Assemblyman Hong Ki-won, City Mayor Hong Seon-eui, SK E&S President Choo Hyeong-wook, Korea Gas Technology Corporation President Yong-don Cho, Hyundai Glovis President Kim Hyun-joong, and others. attended this

This agreement was prepared to expand the supply of eco-friendly hydrogen mobility, centering on hydrogen commercial vehicles, and contains a plan to introduce a total of 850 hydrogen trucks and buses to Pyeongtaek by 2030.

The government and local governments help with administrative and financial support for the creation of a hydrogen mobility special zone, as well as development and demonstration projects to revitalize hydrogen commercial vehicles.

Hyundai Motor Company develops and supplies hydrogen trucks and buses to be used in major transportation hubs such as Pyeongtaek Port, Jije Station, and Godeok New Town.

In addition, it will develop a hydrogen car carrier using a hydrogen electric truck scheduled to be released this year together with Hyundai Glovis and conduct a pilot operation on a real road. The pilot operation is operated in Pyeongtaek Port and around the Hyundai Motor and Kia production plants, and through this, vehicle performance, convenience, and economic feasibility are verified.

SK E&S and Korea Gas Technology Corporation are planning to expand the charging infrastructure by building hydrogen charging stations at major transportation hubs.

A Hyundai Motor official said, “We will preemptively expand and supply hydrogen commercial vehicles to the city of Pyeongtaek, a special hydrogen mobility zone, and lay the foundation for the creation of a domestic hydrogen ecosystem and we plan to contribute.”


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