Hyundai Working with Local Bus Manufactures to Accelerate Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology in South Korea

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  • As part of its future mobility collaboration ecosystem strategy, Hyundai Motor Group is accelerating open innovation to preemptively respond to the future mobility era.
  • Hyundai Motor Group plans to supply hydrogen fuel cell system to domestic small and medium bus manufacturers.

As part of its new collaboration ecosystem, the Hyundai Motor Group has begun to supply hydrogen fuel cell system to domestic bus manufacturers, starting with the cooperation agreement (MOU) for the supply of hydrogen fuel cell systems for buses with Woojin Industrial Co., Ltd.

The MOU signed by Hyundai Motor Company with Woojin Industrial Co., Ltd., Giles Daewoo Commercial Vehicle, and Edison Motors stated that it would cooperate with the supply of hydrogen fuel cell system for buses to contribute to the government’s hydrogen economy promotion policy and to create a fine dust-free atmosphere.

Hydrogen electric buses are evaluated as the next-generation eco-friendly transportation because they emit no carbon dioxide while driving and no pollutants are emitted. Due to the nature of the garage, there are less operational restrictions due to the lack of hydrogen charging infrastructure.

It has an air purification system that filters 99.9% of the fine dust, so one bus can clean the air consumed by 76 adults.

Using the hydrogen fuel cell system supplied by Hyundai Motor Group, domestic small and medium bus manufacturers will be able to develop their own hydrogen-electric buses.

Hyundai Motor Group recently also exhibited and demonstrated various mobility and mobility services to symbolize changes in future automotive industry trends, which are summarized as MECA (mobility, motorization, connectivity, autonomous driving).

Especially, hydrogen-electric trucks exported to Switzerland which has developed as a government research project, and hydrogen-electric cleaning trucks scheduled to be demonstrated in 2020.

Starting in 2020 1,600 hydrogen-electric trucks will be exported to Switzerland in sequence, and the hydrogen fuel cell system will be expanded to power sources in various fields such as ships, trains and power generation.

Hyundai Motor Group Unveils World’s First Exportable Hydrogen Truck, Hydrogen Cleaner Truck, and Porter Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Motor Group recently exhibited and demonstrated a variety of mobility and services to be applied at the R & D Center, including the release of export-type hydrogen-electric trucks, hydrogen-electric cleaning trucks, and porter electric vehicles for the first time in the world.


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