HYZON Motors Inc. Unveils Global Headquarters and Engineering Center in USA

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Hyzon Motors US Headquarters

Honeoye Falls, New York, USA— HYZON Motors Inc opens major Hydrogen Fuel Cell Commercial Vehicle integration facility in Honeoye Falls, New York.

In a move reminiscent of the 2010 Tesla takeover of the Toyota facility in California, HYZON is announcing today its move into the former General Motors fuel cell facility in New York state. The New York facility will host the HYZON Headquarters and Global Engineering Centre, and will manufacture specially designed HYZON commercial vehicle fuel cell systems, as well as support integration of Class 8 heavy trucks and city buses.

HYZON Co-Founder and CTO Gary M. Robb began his career with General Motors and is happy to see the Honeoye Falls facility gain a new lease on life: “I have the privilege of reviving my old workplace and building on HYZON’s base of world class zero emission technology. We look forward to making a meaningful, near term contribution in the effort to decarbonize heavy transport.”

HYZON will make it easy for fleet operators to reduce their carbon footprint by offering bundled services that provide a total cost of ownership on par with existing diesel fleets. Having already started the world’s largest deployment of hydrogen trucks in Asia two years ago, HYZON’s manufacturing center in New York will help accelerate zero-emission commercial vehicle adoption in North America. HYZON’s New York facility will begin series production of fuel cell powertrains and delivery of hydrogen commercial vehicles in early 2021. HYZON brings strong experience and background in both technology and execution.

Early adopters of zero-emission heavy transport are typically government agencies and large corporations seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. California, largely led by initiatives from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), has recently announced plans to enforce the move away from diesel trucking1. Concurrently, the Department of Energy (DOE) recently announced plans to invest $100M in fuel cell technology. These developments will see hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles progress to mainstream in the next few years.

The recent NASDAQ debut of Nikola Motor generated strong interest from both investors and industry players seeking solutions to their decarbonization challenges; this is particularly important for heavy vehicles with very high utilization, which benefits significantly from switching to hydrogen.

When compared to battery-electric trucks, hydrogen fuel cell trucks offer higher availability due to fast refueling, and significantly higher payload potential. These benefits translate to significant value creation in commercial trucking, and with plans to launch single fuel cell systems over 300kW, with power density up to 6kW per Liter and over 5kW per kg, HYZON is expecting to power applications from heavy trucking to port equipment and trains.

About HYZON Motors Inc (

HYZON Motors Inc (a Delaware Corporation) is a new US hydrogen vehicle company on a mission to help operators of heavy vehicles transition to cost-effective, zero-emission, sustainable operations. HYZON achieves this by offering attractive economics with no compromise on performance.

In addition to its major new US manufacturing set up, HYZON has also made significant commercial progress in Europe, Asia, and Australia. The company anticipates its novel zero-emission mobility model will expand to global markets over the coming months.

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