Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance Welcomes Australia’s Leading Natural Gas Producer, Woodside Energy

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fuel cells works, Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance Welcomes Australia's Leading Natural Gas Producer, Woodside Energy
  • Woodside Energy strengthens the Alliance’s efforts to advance transition to clean, hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • The Zero Carbon Alliance, a business-led consortium, is championing hydrogen-powered mobility, investment, technology

ROCHESTER, N.Y. and SYDNEY — The Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance, an initiative of leading companies working to accelerate hydrogen-powered mobility worldwide, has added Woodside Energy as its newest member.

Championed by Hyzon Motors Inc., a top global supplier of zero-emission, hydrogen fuel cell-powered commercial vehicles, the Alliance brings together active participants along the hydrogen-value chain – from production to technology development, from innovation to investment.

“Expanding the Alliance with another global leader active in the shift toward zero-emissions transport strengthens the capability of our members to identify and deliver real, cost-effective solutions,” said Craig Knight, CEO of Hyzon Motors, based in Rochester. “Woodside’s participation provides further proof of the importance of the Alliance as a platform for collaboration, development and – importantly – action.”

In joining the Alliance, Woodside Energy, Australia’s leading natural gas producer, brings a deep commitment to the production and distribution of hydrogen. Woodside is pursuing development of a number of large-scale hydrogen production projects and technologies as part of their mission to be society’s trusted energy partner.

Woodside’s membership will complement the Alliance’s existing members’ expertise to drive scale, speed and collaboration within the hydrogen mobility sector, and will move the Alliance closer to achieving one of its primary goals – to lower hydrogen costs by harnessing the power of strategic partnerships and a united industry approach.

Woodside will join the nine current members of the Alliance including Ark Energy (a subsidiary of Korea Zinc), Total, AXA, Bank of America, Hiringa Energy, Modern Group, NEOM, Raven SR and ReCarbon.

Woodside Vice President of Technology Jason Crusan said the company was pleased to be part of the Alliance, specifically because of its role bringing potential consumers and suppliers of hydrogen together. “Aligning Woodside as a key member of the Alliance is part of our ‘customer-led’ principle that underpins our hydrogen work,” he said. “Hydrogen has particular advantages in long-haul, heavy transport, making this market segment a key near-term use case.”

As a uniquely demand-led initiative, the Alliance aims to capitalize on its direct access to fleet operators worldwide to create hydrogen ecosystems in parallel with vehicle deployments.

By aligning the supply and demand side of the sector, the Alliance is designed to overcome some of the biggest hurdles faced by the hydrogen industry to date, making zero-emission fleet operations a reality in the very near term.

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About the Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance
The Hyzon Zero Carbon Alliance is a collaborative initiative that aims to drive scale, speed and cooperation while lowering costs of hydrogen through harnessing the power of a united industry approach. By bringing together best-in-class players from across the hydrogen value chain and supporting sectors, the Alliance provides a platform within which industry can collaborate to develop hydrogen ecosystems and offer mobility as a service to hydrogen transport customers.

The Alliance specifically identifies and targets opportunities across priority regions worldwide based on customer demand. In doing so, it supports the development of an increasingly widespread distribution infrastructure, and establishes models that result in replicable project deployment and enable greater volumes of hydrogen vehicles on the road with the aim to accelerate the energy transition.

About Woodside
Woodside is the leading Australian natural gas producer, operating 6% of global liquefied natural gas supply in 2020. As part of its decarbonization efforts, it is exploring options for producing lower carbon energy – including hydrogen.

Woodside is the operator of the ‘H2TAS’ Bell Bay Renewable Hydrogen Project, proposed for the Bell Bay Advanced Manufacturing Zone. In January 2021, Woodside signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Tasmania, as well as a term sheet with Tas Gas to explore blending hydrogen into the Tasmanian gas network. It recently announced a potential export component to H2TAS, which it is investigating alongside its Japanese consortia partners, IHI Corporation and Marubeni Corporation.

It is also exploring opportunities for hydrogen production in Western Australia, and internationally.


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