In Brandenburg, Hy2gen Plans a EUR 500m Green Hydrogen Project

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Fuel Cells Work,s In Brandenburg, Hy2gen Plans a EUR 500m Green Hydrogen Project
Green Hydrogen and Kerosene: Hy2gen Cooperates With Euromovement for Plant Construction in Jänschwalde
Jänschwalde In the Brandenburg municipality of Jänschwalde on the former airfield and future “Green Areal Lausitz” (GRAL), a plant for the production of green hydrogen and SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel) is scheduled to go into operation in 2027. Hy2gen is now starting the first project phase with the property owner Euromovement Industriepark GmbH. The total investment volume of the project christened “JANGADA” amounts to around €500 million. The Wiesbaden-based company Hy2gen operates internationally and has specialized in the planning, construction and operation of plants for the production of green hydrogen and its derivatives.
In cooperation with Euromovement Industriepark GmbH, Hy2gen plans to establish Jänschwalde as a production site for climate-neutral fuels. The expertise in building and operating the plant comes from Hy2gen, the know-how in infrastructure and logistics from Euromovement. The plant will mainly produce green hydrogen and SAF for use in aviation. The current preliminary study, in which all those involved develop binding findings on feasibility, risks and benefits, is followed by the FEED phase, which is scheduled to start in 2023. The actual start of construction is scheduled for 2024, and the plant is scheduled to start production in 2027. the initial electrolyzer  capacity is estimated at 123 megawatts.

Important impetus for  structural development in Lusatia

Jörg Steinbach, Economics  and Energy Minister of the State of Brandenburg, says: “In order to achieve the climate protection goals, a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is necessary in all sectors and branches of industry. Carbon-neutral hydrogen and the production of green kerosene can become important elements in the mobility sector . The realization of such an innovative project can provide important impetus for structural development in Lusatia and further strengthen the energy state of Brandenburg as a technology and business location.”

“Green hydrogen and above all green kerosene (SAF) are indispensable for the decarbonization of aviation, especially for long-haul flights. We are pleased to have found a strong partner in the region in Euromovement to work with us on this project and to produce aviation fuel at the former airfield in Jänschwalde,” says Matthias Lisson, Managing Director of Hy2gen Germany.

Jochem Schöppler, Managing Partner of Euromovement, adds: “With Hy2gen’s investment decision, the Green Areal Lausitz project has found the right investor, because this company, with its claim and philosophy, supports the concept of an ecological industrial park one hundred percent.” Schöppler especially thanks at the municipality of Jänschwalde for their efforts to enforce a siding for the ecological industrial area. Because, according to Schöppler: “Without the determination of the community, the establishment of Hy2gen would not have been possible.”

“After a long, uncertain future, a star of hope is now shining in the future sky for the former Jänschwalde-Drewitz airfield. After the first investor, energy4future, made the location decision , H2gen AG has now also decided on this location. Thanks to the commitment of Euromovement , I am delighted to see that the extraordinary cooperation is bearing fruit. An industrial area will be created, called GRAL, which as a pioneer meets the demands of today’s modern society and is an important part of the industrial transformation towards a consistently sustainable one production, contributes. I find it regrettable that there has so far been little sign of a corresponding commitment on the part of our state government. The industrial area is an important part of our future and I am grateful for the transparency of the Euromovement and I hope that further investors will be found in the foreseeable future. The municipal council is doing everything possible to pave the way for interested investors to settle there,” says Helmut Badtke, Mayor of Jänschwalde

The Jangada project  represents the connecting platform and is open to expansion both  through individual new partners and to connections with other projects.

About HY2GEN AG 

Hy2gen AGbased in Wiesbaden develops, finances, builds and operates plants for the production of green hydrogen and hydrogen-based e-fuels worldwide. These products are used to realize climate-neutral and competitive fuels and industrial solutions. The first plants are built in France, Norway, Canada, Germany and the USA. Hy2gen’s goal is to become the market leader in the production of green hydrogen and green e-fuels for mobility, agriculture and industry. Founded in 2017, the company’s first-mover advantage is underlined by a current project pipeline in planning and construction of 880 MW and a project pipeline of over 12 GW in development. Trafigura and other private investors have already invested in Hy2gen in the first financing rounds.

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