In Brazil, Eletrobras, Cepel and Siemens Energy Will Investigate Producing Green Hydrogen

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Eletrobras, Siemens Energy and Cepel concluded the signing of a memorandum that establishes the joint accomplishment of studies to obtain the mastery of the complete technological cycle of green hydrogen (H2) in Brazil, from its production to consumption, in a dimension of one scalable pilot production plant, which will allow for future expansions and complementary activities.

Based on the results of the studies, the companies involved will be able to move towards the implementation of a commercial scale H2 production plant, which will produce hydrogen with a zero carbon footprint.

Eletrobras has sustained growth within its strategic guidelines and, in this sense, is interested in evaluating the critical variables for mastering the H2 technological cycle. Cepel, Eletrobras’ technological arm, has been studying hydrogen production through the electrolysis process for two decades and has been working on deepening research for practical advances in the field of this business model.

For the past ten years, Siemens Energy has developed electrolysers based on PEM (acronym for proton exchange membrane) technology, the most modern and environmentally friendly technology for the production of green hydrogen. A major milestone was the launch of the Silyzer 300 electrolyzer, in the order of 17 MW, three years ago. Siemens Energy is constantly working on increasing its efficiency and installed capacity, with a new generation being launched every four or five years, with a tenfold increase in the flow of H2 produced.

“Eletrobras is interested in assessing the entry into the adjacent commercial hydrogen production sector. To this end, it intends to develop and implement a project for the use of green hydrogen in Brazil, which should contribute to the evaluation of this new potential business field, providing conditions and knowledge for the insertion of Eletrobras in the field of the green hydrogen technological cycle ”, says the director of Transmission at Eletrobras, Marcio Szechtman.

“Globally, Siemens Energy is a leading provider of systems, solutions and services related to decarbonisation. With Brazil as its green hydrogen hub for Latin America, supporting Eletrobras technologically in this innovative project is deeply strategic. With Eletrobras and Cepel, we have two ideal partners to develop the integration of our technology within the Brazilian regulatory framework, preparing solutions applicable to the national market ”, says the head of New Energy Business for Latin America at Siemens Energy, Andreas Eisfelder .

Hydrogen research points to this gas as the energy vector of the economy of the future, in line with the current energy-environmental scenario characterized by the need for decarbonization. Hydrogen is one of the seven priority research and development themes, according to the guidelines of the National Energy Policy Council (CNPE).

“We hope that this joint action will help Brazil to assert itself as a major global producer of green hydrogen and for the decarbonization of the electricity sector in general. We have the potential for this, as the fuel is produced from the electrolysis of water through the use of electrical energy obtained from renewable sources, such as hydraulic, solar and wind power ”, evaluates the director general of Cepel, Amilcar Guerreiro.

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