India: Ducon Plans to Enter Green Hydrogen Business

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Fuel Cells Works, India: Ducon Plans to Enter Green Hydrogen Business

Thane India: Ducon Infratechnologies Limited (BSE:534674, NSE: DUCON), (“DUCON”, “Company”) India’s leading Fossil Fuel Clean Technologies Co. announces that it ha

set up a new business division, “Hydrofule” (, in its wholly owned USA based subsidiary to carry out Research & Development work on building a large scale economical Green Hydrogen Electrolyzer that will work with Solar Energy to achieve a conversion efficiency of at least 70%

  • The zero-carbon fuel, Green Hydrogen, which has the best environmental credentials among the cleaner-burning fuels, is made using renewable power from wind or solar sources to split water into hydrogen and oxygen through an electrolyzer.
  • Currently, regular electricity to hydrogen electrolyzers provide over 70% efficiency but they do not generate Green Hydrogen because they use electricity from fossil fuels. On the other hand, existing efficiencies of Solar to Hydrogen Electrolyzerswhich produce green hydrogen are about 20% due to which Green Hydrogen business has not been commercially viable.
  • Hydrofule’s research will focus on reducing the production cost of Green Hydrogen by improving the Photovoltaic-Electrolysis system efficiency through minimizing the water splitting voltage and deploying high efficiency electrocatalysts in the electrolyzer. Hydrofule plans to develop a prototype with hybridization of semiconductor oxide photoelectrodes,with noble metals and their nanocomposites that can provide enhanced electron mobility and photostability for better electrochemical performance and a solar to hydrogen conversion efficiency greater than 70%.

Arun Govil, Chairman of Ducon said, “this new business will be housed in our wholly owned USA subsidiary of the Company and will file for patents as and when possible. As the Indian government has laid out ambitious plans for India to become a leader in Green Hydrogen production, we will be making significant investment in research& development during the coming yearsto leveragethis transformational CleanTechnologies opportunityby developing the most cost-effective solar hydrogen electrolyzer. The global capacity for water electrolysis technologies is expected to reach approximately 104.6 GW by 2031, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 62.6 percentand the global Green Hydrogen market whichwas

$0.3 billion in 2020, is expected to reach $9.8 billion by 2028.” “Green hydrogen will be an essential part of our future as it will be a crucial enabler of global transition to sustainable energy and net zero emissions provided it can be produced more economically than the current cost.”continued Mr. Govil.

About Ducon Infratechnologies Limited

Ducon Infratechnologies Limited (BSE: 534674, NSE: DUCON) is India’s leading Fossil Fuel/Coal Clean Technology Company at the forefront of brining Fossil Fuel Clean Technology/Green Technology to India’s transformation to Green Energy and to India’s Coal/Fossil Fuel based Power, Steel, Cement etc companies

to meet global Clean Technology/Green Technology standards. Ducon has a strong portfolio of Clean Technology IP and execution capabilities backed by continuous investments in emerging cleantech/green energy IP/Patents etc. The Company has 4 divisions. a) Fossil Fuel Clean Technologies (FGD systems etc) b) Green Energy ( Green Coal/Bulk Material Handling systems) c) Clean/Green Electrification/Infrastructure

markets d) Cleantech . In the FGD sector, Ducon is regarded as the pioneer as it has installed India’s first

Sea Water FGD system with 100% of flue gas for 2 x 250 MW Dahanu Thermal Power Station for Reliance Energy Ltd, Dahanu, Maharashtra, India. Ducon is also credited with providing India’s first Wet Limestone

FGD system on coal fired power plant with production of saleable Gypsum for 2 x 600 MW Udupi Thermal Power Station, Karnataka, India

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