India: Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Invites Proposals for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Buses in Delhi-NCR region

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Fuel cell bus from Tata

New Delhi–The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited proposals under a pilot project to make four hydrogen fuel cell-powered buses with a minimum seating capacity of 25 passengers each.

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has been supporting R&D and demonstration projects in hydrogen and fuel cells area, this includes several projects for development and demonstration of hydrogen fueled vehicles.

A pilot project for running fuel cell buses in India’s urban setting would be beneficial in terms of adding experience with the technology as well bringing out potential issues relating to regulations, standardization, safety, and integration of entire hydrogen production, storage and dispensing infrastructure with transport applications.

In the above background, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy invites preliminary project proposals for pilot demonstration of 4 hydrogen fuel cell powered buses, with minimum 25 passenger seating capacity, in the Delhi-NCR region. The preliminary proposals will be examined by a Committee duly constituted for the purpose, and shortlisted proposers will be invited to submit final proposal.


The overarching objective is to acquire know-how for operation of hydrogen fuel cell powered transportation. Specific objectives are as follows:

  • To demonstrate fuel cell vehicle technology by operating and testing the vehicles under real-world conditions in Delhi-NCR; and
  • To explore prospects for commercialization, identifying potential techno-economic hurdles and proposing solutions.


The scope of the project would include the following:

  • Pilot demonstration of 4 numbers of hydrogen fuel cell powered buses, with minimum 25 passenger seating capacity, in the Delhi-NCR region operation for a period of five years;
  • Refueling and upkeep of the buses;
  • Obtaining requisite statuary permits, clearances and ensuring safety requirements; and
  • Collecting performance data.

Nature of the Proposal

The proposal should target end to end complete technological solutions. Proposing institution may consider evolving multidisciplinary, multi institutional and multi partner approach with clearly identified and complementary role of each member.

Eligibility for submission of the Proposal

Any industry, by themselves, or in collaboration with academic institutions and research organizations, government agencies, or any other competent group.


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