Indian Railways Invites Bids for Trains to Run on Hydrogen Energy

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August 9, 2021 |

Fuel Cells Works, NEB Announces Hydrogen Train Tender for Brandenburg

New Delhi–Trains powered by hydrogen have begun to be developed by the Indian Railways. Indian Railways has invited bids for retrofitting Hydrogen Fuel Cell (HCF) technology onto 89 km of the Sonipat-Jind section of Northern Railway using hydrogen fuel cells.

There is an interest among Indian Railways in retrofitting current diesel-run trains utilizing hydrogen power instead.

Indian Railways statement said, “The retrofitting of diesel powered DEMU and converting it into hydrogen fuel powered train set will not only save the cost to the tune of Rs 2.3 crores annually by converting from diesel to hydrogen, but also save the carbon footprint (NO2) of 11.12 kilo tons per annum and particulates matter of 0.72 kilo tonnes per annum,” 

“After successful implementation of this pilot project, all the rolling stock which will operate on diesel fuel after electrification can be planned to run on hydrogen fuel.”

The statement also said that “Initially, 2 Diesel Electric Multiple Unit (DEMU) rakes will be converted, and later 2 Hybrid narrow gauge Locos will be converted base on Hydrogen Fuel Cell power movement.

Bidding for the Hydrogen Fuel Cell-based DEMU rake will begin on September 21 and close on October 5.

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