India’s Leap into Sustainable Transport: Hydrogen-Powered Vehicles Pilot on Five Key Routes

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India is embarking on a transformative journey towards sustainable transport with the initiation of pilot projects for hydrogen-powered vehicles, testing them on key inter-city routes. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has taken a pivotal step in revolutionizing India’s transport sector by launching these pilot projects, aimed at promoting green energy solutions. The Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) will act as the Scheme Implementation Agency (SIA), signifying a collaborative effort towards an eco-friendly future.

Charting the Course for Green Mobility

The pilot includes testing on five crucial inter-city routes: Chandigarh – Delhi – Jaipur, Ahmedabad – Mumbai – Pune, Chennai – Hosur – Bengaluru, Kolkata – Jamshedpur – Ranchi, and Nagpur – Indore. These trials aim to cover a minimum of 60,000 kilometres, assessing the endurance and efficiency of hydrogen-powered vehicles and the readiness of the existing infrastructure. This initiative is not just about testing vehicle performance but also about identifying operational challenges, technological gaps, and assessing the viability for broader implementation.

Framework for Future Expansion

Under the scheme guidelines issued by the MNRE, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) and the SIAs will closely monitor and guide the execution of these trials. Insights gained are expected to benefit inter-city bus and truck operators, including State Transport Undertakings, and even private car users. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a smooth transition towards the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles and refueling technologies, marking a significant milestone in India’s journey towards sustainable transport.

Aligning with Global Green Energy Goals

This initiative is in line with India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission, reflecting the country’s commitment to combating climate change and advancing cleaner energy sources. The recent inauguration of India’s first hydrogen fuel cell inland waterway vessel by Prime Minister Modi, along with increased funding for the National Green Hydrogen Mission, underscores India’s resolve. The successful execution of these pilot projects could position India as a leader in the use of green hydrogen in transport, significantly contributing to global environmental goals.

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