Infinity Awarded NASA Contract For Advanced Fuel Cell Development

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Fuel Cells Works, Infinity Fuel Cell & Hydrogen, Inc.™ Receives US $900k Add-on to Existing Project From Axiom Space

WINDSOR, Conn.– Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen, Inc. today announced that NASA Glenn Research Center will fund further development of air-independent fuel cells for a possible Space Launch Systems (SLS) vehicle application, more specifically for potentially powering the Exploration Upper Stage (EUS).

Infinity will utilize this follow-on Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase III funding in support of advancing its patented Non Flow-Through (NFT) fuel cell stack as well as improving its Advanced Product Water Removal (APWR) technology.

William Smith, President, and founder of Infinity said, “The need for reliable and efficient power systems in space vehicles today is no different than in prior NASA programs. Since the Gemini program, all manned space missions have relied on fuel cells for power and water generation, however, both manned and unmanned systems can benefit from the air-independent power generation offered by Infinity’s advanced technology.”

Fuel cells for space applications are power generators that consume hydrogen and oxygen to produce power, heat, and water. The management of this product water, as well as operation in the zero-gravity of space, has historically limited application of most fuel cells in many applications. Infinity has developed unique technology to overcome these limitations and now provides fuel cell power systems not only for potential space applications but also for underwater vehicles and high altitude aircraft.

About Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen
Infinity has a rich history in the development of fuel cell and electrolyzer systems. With a focus on air-independent, non-flow-through fuel cell technology, Infinity provides power systems for very demanding aerospace, defense, and commercial markets. From space vehicles to aerial and underwater drones, providing Power At Any Altitude is what we do.

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