Infinium’s Project Pathfinder is World’s First Fully Operational eFuels Facility

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Infiniums Project Pathfinder is Worlds First Fully Operational eFuels Facility e1711039157471

Ultra-low carbon electrofuels now in production in North America.

Sacramento, CA–  Electrofuels leader Infinium is now successfully operating the world’s first commercial scale facility making drop-in ready electrofuels (eFuels) in Corpus Christi, Texas. The project, known as Project Pathfinder, is a continuously operating plant producing synthetic, ultra-low carbon eFuels that can be used in today’s heavy transportation applications and chemical processes.

“Project Pathfinder would not have achieved this milestone without the incredibly talented team we brought together to pioneer commercial eFuels production, logistics and product delivery programs, none of which have existed before,” said Robert Schuetzle, CEO at Infinium. “As both a technology innovator and a project developer, we have end-to-end control of the eFuels production process. This gives us a constant feedback loop that enables us to rapidly accelerate additional projects and scale our global production of eFuels.”

Infinium eFuels are made from captured carbon dioxide (CO2) and green hydrogen derived from renewable power in a patented process that uniquely produces ultra-low carbon fuels that replace petroleum-based products: sustainable aviation fuel (eSAF), eDiesel and eNaphtha. Infinium eFuels contain no sulfur and are produced without process emissions.

Infinium eFuels are the only drop-in ready eFuels produced in North America to receive ISCC PLUS certification from International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC), an independent multi-stakeholder initiative and leading certification system supporting sustainable, fully traceable and climate-friendly supply chains.

Project Pathfinder integrates Infinium’s novel fuel production technology using patented catalysts with on-site electrolyzers, a state-of-the-art laboratory, logistics and delivery mechanics to produce, validate and distribute eFuels in fewer steps than others in the industry. Infinium controlled the construction and commissioning of the project from start to finish and is responsible for all operations and maintenance.

In addition to being the world’s only operational eFuels facility producing drop-in ready fuels that can be used in existing combustion engines and chemical processing, Project Pathfinder serves as Infinium’s eFuels Center of Excellence, providing key learnings and identifying best practices for current and future projects. This includes process optimizations, development programs, operator and staff training​ and construction and execution expertise that ensure standardization for future projects.

Infinium has more than a dozen additional projects under development across the United States, European Union, Japan and Australia.

About Infinium

Infinium is an electrofuels provider on a mission to decarbonize the world. Electrofuels are a new class of synthetic fuels made using renewable power and waste carbon dioxide, not petroleum or resources needed to produce food. Infinium electrofuels can be dropped into existing trucks, planes and ships, significantly reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions compared to fossil-based fuels. In addition to helping the transport industry meet carbon reduction goals, Infinium electrofuels are a lower carbon alternative for chemical processing, including plastics production. Learn why Amazon and other leading cleantech investors have chosen Infinium at



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