Infraserv Höchst Joining the Clean Energy Partnership (CEP)

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Infraserv H%C3%B6chst Joins CEP

Partnership (CEP). As a pioneer of e-mobility with hydrogen for everyone, the partnership is thus moving a step closer to its goal. Because Infraserv, the company that operates Industriepark Höchst, is already demonstrating how a hydrogen infrastructure conserves resources and produces fewer climate-damaging emissions.

The Clean Energy Partnership is growing. Following GP Joule and EWE, Infraserv Höchst is strengthening the industrial initiative in its cross-industry and cross-company cooperation. The team of experts, now consisting of 16 partners, focuses on e-mobility with hydrogen and fuel cell for everyone.

Infraserv Höchst: concentrated know-how for trucks, buses, and trains

One of Infraserv Höchst’s core issues is reducing climate-damaging emissions. Dr. Joachim Kreysing, Managing Director: ”In our view, hydrogen is one of the central building blocks of the energy transition – far beyond the issue of mobility. At Industriepark Höchst, we already rely on environmentally friendly energy sources. Hydrogen plays a central role in this: it can be easily produced from electricity and other sources as well as stored and transported. The hydrogen filling station for trains, which we are constructing until 2022, fits perfectly into our strategy as a supplement to the filling facilities for buses and trucks. Hydrogen, the
environmentally friendly alternative to petrol and diesel, is produced in the industrial park as a by-product of chemical production. The right infrastructure for a sustainable combination of electricity, heat, and transport is already in place locally.“

Dr. Sirko Ogriseck, Hydrogen Project Coordinator at Infraserv Höchst: ”For us, the CEP is the most important player when it comes to e-mobility with hydrogen. We would like to actively engage in this area and help to drive forward the expansion of the technology.“

The Clean Energy Partnership – how teamwork works
The CEP acts as a cross-industry initiative and expert pool. ”Our clear goal is a smart, attractive e-mobility with hydrogen for everyone. With Infraserv Höchst we found the perfect addition to our innovation team, making us fit to refuel trucks, buses, and trains,“ said Jörg Starr, Chairman CEP, Audi AG, Hydrogen Technology Center, Fuel Cell Ingolstadt Group Office.



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