Israel: Bazan Group to Establish Hydrogen Infrastructure for Vehicles

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The Bazan Group recently announced that will start to work on a NIS 12 million ($3.7 million) pilot project in order to establish a facility and infrastructure for hydrogen in order to introduce hydrogen-fueled vehicles into Israel.

The company also announced that it had won the Ministry of Energy’s tender to establish a facility for marketing hydrogen for transportation.

The total project cost is NIS 12 million ($3.7 million) and will start in 2021. The Ministry of Energy will subsidize NIS 1.3 million ($405,000) and the first milestone for the pilot project will be to open the first hydrogen refueling station in Israel.

Company said that “The main obstacle in the Israeli economy that the project will address is the ability to produce hydrogen in the quantity and quality required, to compress it and thereby to enable it to be transported to gas stations safely,”

Shlomi Besson, Deputy CEO said : “The knowledge and infrastructure of Zen are essential for the transition to using hydrogen for transportation. In doing so, Bazen joins the global effort in the field of hydrogen, a goal defined as strategic by the International Energy Agency”


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