Isuzu and Honda’s Collaborative Giga Fuel Cell Set for Unveiling at Japan Mobility Show This October

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Isuzu and Hondas Collaborative Giga Fuel Cell Set for Unveiling at Japan Mobility Show This October e1695909242867

In May 2023, two automotive giants, Isuzu Motors Limited and Honda Motor Co., Ltd., disclosed their collaborative venture aiming to shape the future of mobility. The collaboration centers around Honda’s expertise in fuel cell system development, which will be integrated into Isuzu’s forthcoming heavy-duty truck set for a 2027 market debut.


This year’s Japan Mobility Show will witness the public unveiling of the much-anticipated Giga Fuel Cell truck. This heavyweight has been a product of combined strengths – Isuzu’s GIGA heavy-duty truck framework and Honda’s advanced FC system tailored for GIGA’s powertrain. This synergy emerged from a joint research pact inked in January 2020, marking the companies’ mutual vision of eco-friendly heavy-duty vehicles.

The truck’s design speaks volumes about the possibilities of hydrogen-fueled FC technologies. Such technologies are considered quintessential for trucks that are built to haul substantial cargo across vast distances for prolonged hours, ensuring zero CO2 emissions.

As the curtains rise on the Giga Fuel Cell truck, attendees will witness a vehicle that not only stands for environmental consciousness but also promises reduced noise and vibrations. With road tests scheduled within this fiscal year, Isuzu remains steadfast in its commitment to launch this marvel by 2027, thereby stepping closer to a carbon-neutral horizon.



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