Thursday Throwback Story: Fincantieri to Develop Marine Hydrogen Engine at Bari Innovation Center with IPCEI Funding

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With the help of the European IPCEI Hy2Tech program (approved by the European Commission last July ), Isotta Fraschini Motori (IFM), a historic company in the production of propulsion systems that is part of the Fincantieri group, will be able to develop two types of hydrogen-powered marine engines as part of the IFUTURE project.

Two paths have been developed as part of the IFuture Hydrogen program, which will result in the creation of as many distinct products as possible: internal combustion engines powered by hydrogen as the only fuel for generating mechanical energy; a modular power generation platform powered by fuel cells.

The solutions will be dedicated to power ranges ranging from 500 kW to 4000 kW (both mechanical and electrical) and will allow maritime customers to operate without CO2 emissions.

Isotta Fraschini Motori SpA will conduct the project in Bari, Puglia, at the Innovation and Development Center (CIS) which will develop, engineer, and industrialize future products.

Precisely with this objective in mind, the Fincantieri group has established the CIS Innovation and Development Center (inside Isotta Fraschini Motori), which has, in turn, entered into agreements with universities and research centres in the vicinity to accommodate university staff who will be involved in consultancy activities.

A sub-project of IFUTURE Hydrogen, as mentioned, has four primary strategic objectives: increase the reliability of existing engines (activities are ongoing to maintain customer satisfaction); For land-based industrial applications, the company will develop ‘industrial versions’ of its engines and study how to design and manage energy generation systems that integrate a variety of energy sources: fuel cells, batteries, internal combustion engines, turbines, and even renewable energy sources.

Currently, IFM is selecting suppliers and components to build the first prototype in 2027 and have the product ready for market by then.

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