ITRI Unveils Taiwan Hydrogen Energy Development Roadmap

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Fuel Cells Works, ITRI Unveils Taiwan Hydrogen Energy Development Roadmap

Government-sponsored Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has unveiled a technological development roadmap for application of hydrogen energy in Taiwan in line with the country’s goal of attaining net zero carbon emission by 2050, according to ITRI.

Fuel Cells Works, ITRI Unveils Taiwan Hydrogen Energy Development RoadmapViewing that hydrogen energy will play an important role in the way Taiwan moves toward net zero carbon emission, ITRI has collaborated with the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to prepare the road map, ITRI president Edwin Liu said.

The roadmap covers policies, plans, projects and regulations concerning developing hydrogen energy technology and setting up hydrogen supply infrastructure, as well as using hydrogen to generate electricity and applying the energy to vehicles and industrial purposes, Liu noted.

hydrogen will be used in mixed-fuel and single-fuel burning methods gradually replacing petrochemical burning in power generation. Hydrogen can be used in steel and petrochemical manufacturing processes to decrease carbon emissions, while hydrogen by-produced in manufacturing of semiconductors can be collected for use to generate electricity.

It is expected that 25% of electric buses and trucks will be powered by hydrogen fuel cells by 2050.

For EV powered by hydrogen fuel cells, ITRI said it has developed safe, light-weight and corrosion-resistant hydrogen storage cylinders based on different composite materials by virtue of automated filament winding process, and has cooperated with Deyu Composite Material for commercial production.

ITRI has developed solid oxide fuel cell technology featuring electrochemical reaction to convert hydrocarbon fuel, including natural gas, biogas and by-produced hydrogen, into electricity. For commercializing the technology, ITRI has cooperated with Asia Hydrogen Energy and Marketech International.

As a component of hydrogen fuel cells, ITRI has developed metalic bipolar plates using its patented technology concerning multi-layer conductive carbon film and modular batteries, with such plates able to hike power density and service lives of cells.


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