Japan: Air Liquide Opens Gamagori Hydrogen Station; First Hydrogen Station to Open in a Resort Complex Facility

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Nippon Air Liquide Station main

On April 22nd Nippon Air Liquide Co., Ltd. will be at the Laguna Ten Bosch, a complex resort facility in Gamagori, Aichi Prefecture to formally open a hydrogen station for fuel cell vehicles (FCV).

It is the first in the country to be opened in a complex resort facility, and it stimulates the demand for FCV in the Higashi Mikawa region, and encourages the visitors of the facility to expand the awareness of FCV’s and hydrogen stations.

The “Air Liquide Gamagori Hydrogen Station” is the first hydrogen station jointly developed by Air Liquide and Japan Hydrogen Station Network GK (JHyM).

Nippon Air Liquide Station TwIn Aichi Prefecture, Toyota Tsusho Co., Ltd. and its  joint venture (Toyotsu Air Liquide Hydrogen Energy) have opened the Nagoya Atsuta Hydrogen Station and Toyota Interchange Hydrogen Station.

The station is located is a complex resort facility overlooking the scenic Mikawa Bay, one of the largest facilities in Aichi Prefecture, where about 2.9 million people visit annually, and in the Higashi Mikawa area. It is located in a location where Route 23 and Route 247, which are regional trunk lines, pass nearby.

Several permanent hydrogen stations have already been installed along main roads such as Route 1 linking Nagoya City with Okazaki City, but “Air Liquide Gamagori Hydrogen Station” is close from Okazaki City and Toyohashi City, It will enhance the convenience of existing users in the region. In addition, by seeing the eyes of many customers visiting “Laguna Ten Bosch”, we expect the recognition of FCVs and hydrogen stations to be expanded, and it is expected to greatly contribute to the spread of FCVs.

The “Air Liquide Gamagori Hydrogen Station” adopted a system that is packaged with our standard compressor and accumulator. By adopting this package system, it has become possible to deliver in a short time when constructing a new station. In addition, our hydrogen station offers safety that is safe for many customers.

From the “Air Liquide Gamagori Hydrogen Station,” our hydrogen station has been redesigned with a calm design based on white. Including complex resort facilities like this time, it is design that is easy to blend in with various scenery.

Air Liquide Group’s commitment to hydrogen energy

Air Liquide has been a leader in the global industrial gas industry for more than 50 years working on developing its own expertise in building hydrogen supply chains. From hydrogen production to storage, distribution and development of applications for end users, it has contributed to the spread of hydrogen as a clean energy source especially for mobility. Air Liquide has designed and installed over 120 stations worldwide so far. Hydrogen is an alternative to achieving clean transport and contributes to the improvement of air quality. Hydrogen combines with oxygen in the air when using a fuel cell to generate electricity. Only water is discharged in the process. We provide concrete solutions to the challenges of sustainable mobility and urban air pollution in urban areas, and thus global warming.

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