Japan: In Tsuruga City, Toshiba Will Develop a Hydrogen Supply Chain Model

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Fuel cells works, Hydrogen Energy Supply System H2One Receives the "Iwatani Naoji Memorial Award"

Tsuruga City, Fukui Prefecture and Toshiba Energy Systems Co., Ltd. are using “H2One” to fill fuel cell vehicles and generate electricity with green hydrogen derived from renewable energy.

Toshiba will start demonstrating a hydrogen supply chain model that utilizes ” Multi Station TM “.

In this demonstration experiment, we aim to expand the utilization of green hydrogen in various fields by using the function to be utilized as one of the VPP injection resources added this time and the hydrogen dispensing function.

The H2One Multi-Station TM is capable of filling fuel cell vehicles with hydrogen and supplying power to buildings and electric vehicles on the premises, and has already been in operation in Tsuruga City since November 2020.

In Fukui Prefecture, Toshiba is promoting the “Reinan Smart Energy Project,” which aims to create a convenient, disaster-resistant, and environmentally friendly city in collaboration with Reinan municipalities. As part of this, Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc. (hereinafter referred to as “Kansai Electric Power”) and others are proceeding with demonstration experiments of VPP construction using electric vehicles, solar power generation, and hydrogen.

This time, H2One Multi-Station TM will join one of the distributed power resources of this VPP and contribute to the realization of community development that uses energy wisely. In the demonstration experiment, when Kansai Electric Power requests to increase the demand for electricity, H2One Multi-Station TM electrolyzes water to produce hydrogen.

In addition, when there is a request to reduce the demand for electricity, the stored hydrogen is used to generate electricity with a fuel cell to supply the necessary electricity.

Also, by using the hydrogen dispensing function added to the H2One Multi-Station TM , it will be possible to utilize green hydrogen even in places where there is no hydrogen infrastructure. Cardles that store hydrogen discharged from H2One Multi-Station TM and the newly developed simple hydrogen filling machine are carried out to the outside, and specifically used for fuel cell-equipped forklifts in Tsuruga City, neighboring areas, Reinan area, etc. It is supposed to be done. By making the simple hydrogen filling machine more compact, it is possible to handle and operate it in a general transport vehicle.

Tsuruga City and Toshiba Energy Systems will promote the utilization of green hydrogen through participation in this VPP demonstration experiment and hydrogen discharge. Both sides will promote the spread of renewable energy and contribute to a carbon-free society by building a hydrogen supply chain.

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