Japan: Iwatani Opens New Hydrogen Station in Tokyo

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Iwatani Hydrogen Station Tokyo Kasai Main
On February 6th Iwatani Corporation held the opening ceremony of its 28th hydrogen station, “The Iwatani Hydrogen Station Tokyo Kasai”

In Tokyo, the development of hydrogen stations has been promoted, and FCVs (fuel cell vehicles) and FC buses (fuel cell Buses) have been promoted.

The 28th station operated by the Company is a hydrogen station that can be fully charged to the FC bus and this is the second location following the Iwatani Hydrogen Station Tokyo Ariake.

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This station employs a “liquefied hydrogen pump” to support the filling of large vehicles with hydrogen.

By compressing liquid hydrogen this station can refuel up to 5 Fuel Cell buses (15 kg/vehicle) per hour.

Iwatani wants to contribute to the continued spread of Fuel Cell Vehicles and wants to play an active role in the early realization of a hydrogen energy society.

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