Japan: Obayashi Completes a Demonstration Plant for Hydrogen Production Using Geothermal

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Obayashi Completes a Demonstration Plant for Hydrogen Production Using Geothermal

Obayashi recently completed a demonstration plant for a hydrogen production system using geothermal power generation in Kokonoe-cho, Kusu-gun, Oita Prefecture, and started shipping hydrogen.

The series of processes for supplying green hydrogen using geothermal power generation to multiple customers is Japan’s first demonstration test

The demonstration plant will combine a binary geothermal power generation system with an output of 125 kW (transmission end 120 kW) and a green hydrogen production system with a production capacity of 10 Nm3, of which 50 to 60 kW will be used to produce hydrogen by partial power generation.

Depending on the power generation situation, it is a mechanism to purchase electricity from the grid and supplement it. According to the company, small-scale geothermal power generation as in this demonstration is a sufficiently stable power source compared to other renewable energies, although the amount of power generation also fluctuates because the amount of steam fumaroles fluctuates slightly.

In addition, purchasing a grid power supply has a mode to supplement the grid power supply and produce hydrogen for the purpose of maximizing the amount of hydrogen production by supplementing the grid power supply within the range that meets the requirements for green hydrogen in the demonstration. Because it is

The entire system is controlled by the company’s proprietary energy management system (EMS). Through this EMS, it is possible to realize multiple controls that calculate the cost of manufacturing for each case, such as hydrogen unit price priority, hydrogen greenness priority, and hydrogen production amount priority. The company aims to derive a more reasonable price with this system.

In addition, the hydrogen produced by using the system will be supplied to the Toyota Motor Group and used in fuel cell vehicles and fuel cell forklifts. In addition, it will be supplied to Yanmar Power Technology, Hydrogen Energy Product Research and Testing Center (HyTReC), Fukuoka Oxygen, Oita EBL Hydrogen Station, etc.

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