Japan’s Chiyoda Announces that it’s Hydrogen Pilot Projects Begins to Fuel Power Plant

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AHEAD Hydrogen Project 2

Japan’s Chiyoda Corp announced today that along with its partners Mitsubishi Corporation, Mitsui & Co., Ltd., and NYK Ltd. their pilot hydrogen project, using imported hydrogen from Brunei, has begun providing clean fuel for the gas turbine power generators of Toa Oil Co in Kawasaki, near Tokyo.

Next-Generation Hydrogen Energy Chain Technology Research Association (AHEAD)

AHEAD is located in the coastal area of Kawasaki City under the project of “Unused energy-derived hydrogen supply chain demonstration by the organic chemical hydride method”, which is being promoted by the National Research and Development Agency, New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization.

The consortium started supplying hydrogen separated from methylcyclohexane (MCH) at the dehydrogenation plant at Keihin Refinery Co., Ltd. to the gas turbine at Mizue Power Station and achieved an important milestone in realizing a hydrogen society.

In Brunei, the hydrogen supply chain, which consists of a series of MCH generation, marine transportation, and hydrogen separation from MCH in Japan, is expected to be one of the future large-scale hydrogen demand.

The company said “By achieving the goal of “power supply from hydrogen transported from overseas, we are one step closer to commercialization.”

At a news conference Takakazu Morimoto, president of AHEAD said, “Our mission is to spread hydrogen. We want to use hydrogen extracted from renewable energy in the future and establish a strong supply chain,” He added that “their advantages are an ability to transport hydrogen at normal temperature and pressure and to use existing facilities used for oil and with high safety standards.”

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