Johnson Matthey, a Leader in Technologies for Clean Hydrogen Production and Fuel Cells, has Joined the Hydrogen Taskforce

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Fuel Cells Works, Johnson Matthey Acquires Assets to Accelerate Green Hydrogen Scale-Up

The Hydrogen Taskforce is delighted to welcome a further member to its growing coalition of the UK’s largest organisations that operate in and innovate across the hydrogen sector. Johnson Matthey (JM) will join the Taskforce this November and bring its extensive experience in the development and deployment of fuel cells and blue and green hydrogen production technologies. 

In fact, JM’s technologies are already at the heart of enabling the transition to a hydrogen economy.  The company’s market-leading Low Carbon Hydrogen (LCHTM) technology has been selected for several groundbreaking new clean hydrogen projects in the UK and its fuel cell technology is out on the roads, powering more than 700 zero-carbon buses.  It is also applying its core science capabilities and market expertise to drive large scale adoption of green hydrogen.

In March 2020, the Taskforce made five policy recommendations, the first of which was that the UK should develop a comprehensive Hydrogen Strategy. In response to this call from the Taskforce, the Government has now committed to publishing a Hydrogen Strategy by Spring 2021.

The Taskforce is working closely with key stakeholders in the Government to ensure that the strategy is reflective of the ambition of industry in the UK, as this document will set out the UK’s trajectory in hydrogen for the future. Following the publishing of its economic impact assessment in August 2020, the Taskforce has been advising the Government on hydrogen policy.

JM joins the Taskforce at a critical juncture in the coalition’s work, as it steps up its work to advise the Government. The Taskforce looks forward to working with JM to ensure that its expertise and understanding of the sector is reflected in its work with Government.

Commenting on JM joining the Hydrogen Taskforce, Jane Toogood, Sector Chief Executive at the company and member of the Hydrogen Advisory Council, said: We are delighted to join the Hydrogen Taskforce and look forward to working together with other members to support the shift towards a hydrogen economy.  It is clear that if the UK is to achieve its ambitions for net zero greenhouse gas emissions, hydrogen will play a crucial role.  We are pleased to contribute our technical and market expertise in hydrogen to drive the energy transition that is so vital in creating a cleaner and healthier world.”

Gareth Morrell, Co-lead on the Hydrogen Taskforce Secretariat and Head of Insights at Madano added: “The Hydrogen Taskforce is unique in that its membership covers the breadth of the UK hydrogen value chain and has led to it being positioned as a trusted advisor to the Government on this sector.

As a key player in the industry, Johnson Matthey’s joining the Taskforce will add its significant experience and expertise to the Taskforce’s work engaging with the UK Government, which is currently devising a UK Hydrogen Strategy and seeking the Taskforce’s analysis on how to ensure that hydrogen remains front and centre of the UK’s drive towards Net Zero by 2050.”

The Hydrogen Taskforce: Hydrogen’s Role in Decarbonising the UK Economy

Hydrogen is essential to the UK meeting its net zero emissions target. We must act now to scale hydrogen solutions and achieve cost-effective deep decarbonisation. With the support of Government, UK industry is ready to deliver.

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