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A rethinking process is gradually taking place at the political level. Even if the energy transition is not thought through to the end, there is now at least a vision of what a future energy supply could look like.

It is becoming increasingly clear that hydrogen will play an important role in this. Not least because of this, the Federal Government is currently in the process of adopting a national hydrogen strategy.

At the moment, not only are many politicians involved in the topic of hydrogen, it is also the founding days of associations, initiatives and hydrogen regions to bring concepts and ideas to life. One of these initiatives is the H2 Süd Hydrogen Initiative Bayern & Baden Württemberg , recently launched by Dr. Andreas Seebach was launched. Well-known medium-sized companies, family businesses and startups with extensive experience and outstanding know-how in the hydrogen and energy industry are part of the initiative. In addition to the EnBW subsidiary Erdgas Südwest , Nusser Mineraöl , white energy , smart hydrogen solutions or team4energy KEYOU is also one of the founding members of H2 Süd.

One of the aims of the initiative is to participate in regulatory and legislative processes, but also to accompany feasibility studies and support the development of new markets. The initiative also wants to network the strong southern German medium-sized and family businesses , enable them to get started with hydrogen technology and thus build up know-how for the future. In addition, future generations of entrepreneurs and founders should be at the forefront of global progress through the research and application of hydrogen.

By participating in central dialogue platforms on the subject of hydrogen in southern Germany, we also want to help build up a pool of know-how, seek dialogue with the authorities and make our contribution to the networking of actors from research, business, industry, politics, media and civil society .

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