Kia Reveals Concept for Hydrogen-Powered Light Tactical Vehicle

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Fuel Cells Works, Kia Reveals Concept for Hydrogen-Powered Light Tactical Vehicle

Kia Corp. has announced its participation in IDEX 2023, a major defense industry trade show currently being held in Abu Dhabi until February 24th. This is the largest international defense exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa, with the current event being the 16th edition since its launch in 1993. Kia has been showcasing its products at this fair since 2015.

At this year’s event, Kia has unveiled its hydrogen-powered ATV concept car for the first time outside of South Korea, along with its armored reconnaissance vehicle and bare chassis. These small tactical vehicles are designed for the Middle East and Africa markets.

The hydrogen-powered ATV concept car utilizes hydrogen fuel in the same engine-driven model as the current ATV concept car, offering quiet and secure operation while performing tasks.

The armored reconnaissance vehicle features outstanding agility and safety features, including a pressure relief seat to mitigate the effects of explosions and tempered bulletproof glass, ensuring passenger safety.

Fuel Cells Works, Kia Reveals Concept for Hydrogen-Powered Light Tactical VehicleThe bare chassis includes only the frame and engine, providing an expandable vehicle that can be equipped with various types of equipment, including armored vehicles. This has led to the creation of numerous mobile devices utilizing bare chassis in the Middle East market.

Kia boasts that the small tactical vehicle delivers best-in-class performance thanks to its 225-horsepower engine and eight-speed automatic transmission. Since its mass production began in 2008, Kia’s small tactical vehicle has been the official mode of mobility for the military.

According to Kia, the company will continue to develop special vehicles equipped with various future technologies to assist the military in moving more safely and conveniently.

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