Korea Gas Corporation Establishes Hydrogen Business Headquarters

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fuelcellsworks, Korea Gas Corporation Establishes Hydrogen Business Headquarters

Korea Gas Corporation (CEO Hee-bong Chae) announced on January 11 that it has undergone reorganization, including the establishment of the hydrogen business headquarters.

On the 4th, KOGAS confirmed its reorganization as a follow-up measure following President Chae Hee-bong’s New Year’s remark, which declared the first year of a company leap forward for the next 100 years.

Willingness to securely and stably supply energy from natural gas to hydrogen to the public by reorganizing the organizational structure so that it can play a key role in accordance with the national energy transition, not only expanding the gas engineering business in the future energy industry, but also complying with government policies.

With this reorganization, KOGAS will establish a hydrogen business headquarters to promote bold investment for economical hydrogen production and supply.

Based on the experience and confidence that has led the natural gas industry for the past 38 years, Kogas has established an organization for active investment such as establishing a base hydrogen production base, producing and introducing overseas green hydrogen, and establishing a hydrogen fusion charging station. It plans to lay the groundwork for the establishment of a value chain for the entire hydrogen industry.

Creation of a fair hydrogen distribution market through the establishment of a hydrogen distribution center

KOGAS established a hydrogen distribution center with the hydrogen business headquarters to establish a national hydrogen economy base, develops a hydrogen distribution system, and provides fair hydrogen distribution for conversion to a hydrogen society. By building a market, it plans to contribute to the creation of a hydrogen economy environment where benefits can be provided to the people.

In addition, in order to secure core hydrogen technology and carbon-neutral technology with the aim of becoming a global leading company in the hydrogen industry, we focus on securing technology in the turbulent global market by acquiring core technologies from outside through the establishment of the M&A department as well as our own research and technology development do.


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