Korea: GS Caltex Builds Multi-Fuel Station that Includes Hydrogen

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GS Caltex Hydrogen and Multi Fuel Station
  • Constructed hydrogen fueling station in cooperation with Hyundai Motors at LPG filling station in Gangdong-gu
  • Multi-Fuel Station for all fuels for gasoline, diesel, LPG, hydrogen, and electricity
  • Enhancing the ability to respond to mobility changes, such as deploying electric vehicles and expanding chargers at gas stations

GS Caltex announces that on September 15 it has started construction of a hydrogen refueling station in Seoul and the metropolitan area.

GS Caltex has already installed 100kw electric vehicle rapid chargers at the gas station and LPG charging station in Gangdong-gu, Seoul, where both gas stations and LPG filling stations were installed. The plan is to build a multi-fueling station of about 1,000 square meters where many types of vehicles can be fueled.

 Gangdong Hydrogen Recharge Station 

GS Caltex hydrogen refueling station has been scheduled to be completed in December. This hydrogen commercial station will be operated directly by GS Caltex to meet the government’s policy to revitalize the hydrogen economy.

GS Caltex ‘Gangdong Hydrogen Station’ has a refueling capacity of 5 hydrogen-electric vehicles per hour, and more than 70 hydrogen-electric vehicles can use the station.

An official of GS Caltex said, “We are providing eco-friendly energy and electric car sharing services such as electricity / hydrogen in response to mobility change.” “We will continue to make our gas stations act as a mobility hub.”


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