Korea: Seoul Metropolitan Government Revises Guidelines to Include Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for Green Buildings

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March 25, 2020 |

Soeul Hydrogn SOFC

The Seoul Metropolitan Government revised the guidelines for calculating new and renewable energy production

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced today that the ‘Guideline for Estimating New and Renewable Energy Production in Seoul’ for Green Building has been revised and will take effect as of March 26th 2020. This applies to all new construction and permits business submitted after this day.

Although the new and renewable energy technology is developing at a rapid pace, the city’s explanation is that the installation standards have been prepared to improve the fact that the related systems are insufficient to apply to actual sites.

SOFC type fuel cells are the next-generation fuel cell with 10% higher power generation efficiency than the existing methods.

Currently, SOFC technology is being developed and marketed by several domestic companies such as STX Heavy Industries, Mico Co., Ltd. and Kyungdong Nabien, but in the meantime, the system to install them in the building has been insufficient, and related companies have been having difficulty entering the market. The revision of this guideline has provided a basis for installation in a new private building in Seoul.

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