Korea: Two Hydrogen Stations to be built in Cheongju by August 2020

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January 25, 2020 |

Korea Hydrogen Stations

J & K Heater was selected by Korea Gas Technology Corporation as a partner for Constructing Hydrogen Refueling Stations
According to J & K Heater,  the agreement with the  Korean Gas Technology Corporation (KOGAS), both Cheongju and Jecheon Hydrogen Stations (Cheongju and Jecheon) are expected to be completed August this year.

J & K Heater officials said, “If the hydrogen charging station construction project proceeds without disruption, we will expand the supply of hydrogen cars in accordance with the policy of supplying hydrogen cars in the Chungbuk region.” Not only will the user’s convenience of hydrogen refueling be improved, but the Jecheon region, which is still in short supply of hydrogen cars, can be expected to expand its supply of hydrogen cars. ”

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