Doosan Mobility Innovation Expands Business Area to Ground Mobility with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Firefighting Robots

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fuelcellsworks, Doosan Mobility Innovation Expands Business Area to Ground Mobility with Hydrogen Fuel Cell Firefighting Robots
  •  Joint development of a hydrogen fuel cell-based robot with a Chinese robot company

Doosan Mobility Innovation (hereinafter referred to as DMI) is expanding its business to terrestrial mobility, following hydrogen drones.

DMI signed an MOU with CITIC HIC KAICHENG INTELLIGENCE, a Chinese robotics company, and decided to jointly develop hydrogen robots that perform activities such as fire suppression and field monitoring in firefighting and industrial sites.9 Sun said.

Zhongshin Heavy Industries Kaicheng Intelligence is a subsidiary of China’s Zhongshin Group, which produces smart equipment and robots. It owns more than 50 types of special robots developed by itself, of which it occupies the first place in the industry with 70% of the market share in China.

The two companies plan to jointly develop a firefighting robot used for fire suppression while monitoring the fire site and an industrial robot that performs monitoring functions in general industrial sites based on hydrogen fuel cells. In addition, it has also decided to develop and sell sales channels in China and overseas. The two companies set a goal to release prototypes in the first half of this year and mass-produce products within this year.

DMI, which has unrivaled product power in the field of hydrogen drones, will expand the business of hydrogen fuel cells to the field of mobility for ground use with this agreement. In particular, since the hydrogen robot for fire fighting is used in a harsh environment such as a fire situation, a high level of durability is required, and when the development is completed, the scope of application can be broadened to various fields of mobility. This is expected to further expand DMI’s business area.

DMI CEO Doo-soon Lee said, “If you use a hydrogen fuel cell, you can not only reduce the body weight and increase the operating time more than the existing battery-type firefighting robots, but also have the advantage of being eco-friendly.” “We will strive to expand DMI’s strength by securing stable customers in the market and diversifying the field of hydrogen fuel cell applications.”

According to the local industry, the Chinese firefighting robot market is about 4000-5000 units per year, and is showing a rapid growth, including 136 billion won in 2018, 280 billion won in 2019, and 600 billion won in 2020.

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