Korean Government Announces Roadmap to Become the World Leader in the Hydrogen Economy

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In an annoucement by South Korea today, the governement laid out its road-map for hydrogen. It stated its goals of producing 6.2 million fuel cell electric vehicles and also building 1,200 refilling stations across the country by 2040, thus securing energy independence and assuming a leadership role in hydrogen technology worldwide.

The road map was announced in Ulsan, a southeastern industrial city with President Moon Jae-in in attendance. 

Below are some of the highlights of the road map.

In terms of Hydrogen Buses:

The plan calls for 35 buses to be rolled out in 2019, this number to be ramped up to 2,000 by 2022 and to 41,000 by 2040.

Korean Hydrogen Bus

Hydrogen Trucks:

From 2021 , the public sector will convert garbage collection trucks and sweepers into hydrogen trucks and gradually spread this to the private sector such as logistics trucks and vans.

Energy Field:

Supply 15GW of fuel cell for power generation by 2040

 ▶ Development of fuel cells : 307.6MW (2018 years ) → 1.5GW ( domestic 1GW, 2022 ) → 15GW (2040)

 ▶ Supply of 2.1GW (940,000 households ) from fuel cells for homes and buildings by 2040

Hydrogen Production:

Korean Hydrogen Road Map Hydrogen Production


By 2040 , the annual supply of hydrogen will reach 5,260,000 tons , and the price per kg will reach 3,000 won .

▶ Use about 50,000 tons ( 250,000 hydrogen vehicles ), 

▶ Overseas production : Establish overseas production base to stabilize hydrogen production , import , supply and demand.

Storage and Transportation

▶ Improve efficiency by diversifying storage methods such as high pressure gas , liquid , and solid

▶Relax regulations on storage of high-pressure gas , and develop liquefaction and liquid-storage technology with excellent safety and economical efficiency .

▶ Use of tube trailer , pipeline. Use Lightweight high-pressure gaseous hydrogen tube trailers and reduce transport costs , and build a long-term hydrogen pipeline that connects the entire country.

Establishment of safety management system and creation of hydrogen industry ecosystem

           ▶ Ensuring safety

  • Establish a reliable safety management system throughout the entire period from production to storage, transportation and utilization to ensure public trust.
  • To this end, a special regulation on hydrogen safety management is to be enacted , and the safety standards for filling station parts and systems are enacted or revised in accordance with international standards . Safety evaluation centers will also be operational.
  • Raise national awareness of and provide accurate information about the safety of hydrogen production and set up a hydrogen safety guidebook.

Legal basis for hydrogen economy support

▶In 2019 , the Hydrogen Economy Act ( tentative name ) will be enacted to establish a basic plan for the implementation of the hydrogen economy, and a legal basis for the hydrogen economy will be established .

Strengthening ecosystem by cultivating small and medium – sized enterprises

▶ Government will actively lead the growth of SMEs and mid-sized companies through development of conditional technology for purchasing , support for core manpower , and expansion of facility investment and operating expenses support .

Establishment of a bureaucratic hydrogen economy activation system

▶ The committee will formulate and operate the ' Hydrogen Economy Promotion Committee ' , chaired by the Prime Minister in connection with the enactment of the law, and review the establishment of dedicated support and promotion agencies in the medium to long term .

The government expects the hydrogen economy to become the driving force of innovation growth in 2040 , generating 43 trillion won in added value annually and 420,000 new jobs .

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