KSOE Spearheads Consortium for Developing Large-Scale Liquefied Hydrogen Cargo Tanks

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ksoe spearheads consortium for developing largescale liquefied hydrogen cargo tanks
  • Formation of consortium with 14 EU institutions, development of 160,000㎥-class hydrogen cargo tank by 2026
  • Investment plan of about 10 million euros over 4 years, including EU Commission subsidies

“Securing standard technology in the field of liquefied hydrogen cargo hold through expansion of global research cooperation”

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering is leading the era of hydrogen maritime transportation by participating in the largest research and innovation program in the European Union (EU).

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering announced on the 31st (Wednesday) that it will form a consortium with a total of 14 industry-academia-research institutes in Europe, including the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Dresden University of Technology, and start joint development of large-scale liquefied hydrogen cargo hold technology from June.

This project will be selected for ‘Horizon Europe’, the EU’s largest research and innovation financial support project, and will receive support from the EU Commission. The consortium, including HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, aims to develop a 160,000 cubic meter (㎥) liquefied hydrogen cargo hold by investing a total of 10 million euros (about 14 billion won) in research funds over four years.

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering plans to lead the conceptual design and basic design of the liquefied hydrogen cargo hold, which is the core of this project, based on its liquefied gas cargo hold design capabilities accumulated by winning orders for the largest number of gas carriers in the world.

In addition to global classification societies including ABS, engineering companies such as HYDRUS and TWI, and leading institutions with outstanding capabilities in design, manufacturing, performance and risk assessment, such as Technical University of Dresden and Technical University of Athens, participate in this consortium. It is expected to create synergy by sharing information and know-how on hydrogen source technology with international research institutes and companies.

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering planned this joint research project based on the HD European Research Center (ERC) established in Germany in April of last year, and plans to actively participate in various global eco-friendly, digital shipbuilding and marine cooperation tasks through ERC in the future. am.

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering expects to be able to secure the source technology for hydrogen cargo tanks and preoccupy global standards through the implementation of this project. Hydrogen is attracting attention as a major energy source that will lead the carbon-neutral era because it uses water as fuel and its quantity is close to infinite, and it does not emit carbon dioxide during combustion.

HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering received DNV classification certification for a hydrogen carrier system using the Himsen engine at the Gastech exhibition held in Milan last September. succeded. It plans to complete the establishment of a hydrogen ecosystem by developing a complete hydrogen engine by 2025.

An official from HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering said, “Participation in this project is the result of HD Korea Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s competence in the next-generation eco-friendly ship sector being recognized.”


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