Large Automotive Supplier Orders CVM-System for Series Fuel Cell Vehicles

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  • CVM G5S and cell contacting will be integrated

A major automotive supplier has commissioned SMART TESTSOLUTIONS to develop a near-series, an all-in-one solution consisting of cell contacting and cell voltage monitoring for the fuel cell stacks they use.

This brings the specialist for the monitoring of cell voltages a big step closer to the use of its CVM systems (cell voltage monitoring) in production fuel cell vehicles.

For the automotive supplier, SMART TESTSOLUTIONS will develop the cell voltage monitor CVM G5S, which was presented in 2019, into a near-series prototype (B-pattern) and integrate it into the stack housing of the fuel cell together with an adapted cell contact. The aim is for the entire system to be approved as a series component in vehicles.

“This order to validate our series CVM is a milestone on the way to the application in series vehicles,” says Dr. Markus Schuster, Business Line Manager e_cell Electronics  at SMART TESTSOLUTIONS  and responsible for the products for cell voltage detection on fuel cells, batteries, and electrolysers.

The CVM G5S is a further development of the CVM G5, which is optimized for use in research and development applications. Their performance features are limited to the range of functions actually required in series operation. In addition, the CVM G5S, as a single-board solution, offers a quantity-dependent cost advantage and more robustness in continuous operation.

Like the fifth-generation CVM modules, the CVM G5S measuring modules can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 105 degrees celsius and are equipped with a wide-range input for the supply voltage of 4.5 to 32 volts. This means that they can be operated directly from a 12 or 24-volt network. A measuring module can synchronously record and monitor up to 230 individual cell voltages, the modules can be cascaded.


SMART TESTSOLUTIONS GmbH is a Stuttgart-based supplier of solutions for performing tests on automotive control units, electronic systems, and renewable energy systems such as batteries and fuel cells. Our standard range of specifically optimized system modules for measured value recording, load simulation, and sensor simulation forms the foundation for implementation of customized system applications. Supplementary engineering services, from on-the-job training to the development and performance of tests, round off our portfolio.

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