LG Chem and KIST Begin Joint Development of Hydrogen and CC Technologies

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On 29th, entered MOU for joint R&D on core technologies such as CCU (carbon capture & utilization), hydrogen energy, etc.

■ Jointly pursue ▲commercialization ▲platform technology R&D ▲human resource fostering, etc. based on CCU and hydrogen energy technologies possessed by KIST
– Commercialization of chemical raw materials using CO₂ and green hydrogen, and chemical products such as biodegradable plastic, etc.
– Joint R&D for carbon-neutral platform technologies such as ESG-based CCU, hydrogen energy, etc.
Accelerating research by fostering human resources linked to employment, joint participation in national policy projects, establishing a joint research center, etc.

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST, President Yoon, Seok-Jin) and LG Chem (Chief Executive Officer Hak Cheol Shin) have set sail for the R&D and commercialization of breakthrough technologies essential for realizing carbon neutrality.

The two institutes announced on the 29th that they signed an MOU for the joint R&D of relevant technologies such as CCU (carbon capture & utilization), hydrogen energy, etc., the core technology for realizing carbon neutrality.

This MOU signing ceremony held at the Magok LG Science Park on the morning of the 29th was attended by figures including LG Chem CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Executive Vice President Yu Jiyung and KIST President Yoon, Seok-Jin.

KIST is the only domestic research institute equipped with all of the CCU and hydrogen life cycle technologies that have been engaged in projects such as the ‘Carbon to X Technological Development Project Team,’ ‘Polyelectrolyte Multilayering (PEM) Electrolysis Core Platform Technology Research Team,’ and the ‘LOHC-based Hydrogen Discharge System Platform Technology Development Research Team’ with the support of the Ministry of Science and ICT. Based on its abundant research project commercialization experiences, LG Chem is a leader in commercialization technologies such as economic review, substantiation, and scale-up of carbon-neutral technologies. As the two institutes pursue joint R&D, it is expected that breakthrough technology development related to carbon neutrality will accelerate.

Through this agreement, the two institutes plan to cooperate closely in the three areas of ▲pursuing commercialization ▲platform technology R&D ▲fostering human resources, etc. related to CCU and hydrogen energy that is essential for the realization of carbon neutrality.

First, in the commercialization sector, possibilities will be reviewed in areas where synergy are expected to pursue technological development such as ▲converting CO₂ (carbon dioxide) to produce high-value compounds such as highly functional biodegradable plastics, CO (carbon monoxide), etc. ▲producing green hydrogen without CO₂ emissions and utilizing raw materials and thermal/electric energy.

Highly functional biodegradable plastic that can be produced by converting CO₂ is eco-friendly and biodegradable. Therefore, once commercialized, it can significantly reduce carbon emissions and solve the plastic waste problem. Furthermore, using CO makes it possible to produce syngas, etc. that can be used as raw materials for chemical products.

The two institutes will also jointly develop life-cycle hydrogen technologies such as the production of green hydrogen without generating CO2, production of safe hydrogen using compounds, and utilization of raw materials and thermal/electric energy. Such hydrogen technologies are the best-known strategies for substituting energy and raw materials from chemical processes based on chemical fuels to achieve carbon neutrality.

The two institutes also plan to expand cooperation into various fields such as AI (artificial intelligence) and DX (digital transformation) to develop core materials and processes.

LG Chem, which is accelerating business restructuring based on ESG to transcend the limitations of its current business that is mainly focused on petrochemicals, and KIST, which is being reorganized into a Korean-style R&D execution system for challenging and innovative research, plan to pursue close cooperative research for platform technology R&D for carbon neutrality in the CCU and hydrogen energy sectors through joint participation in national policy projects, the establishment of a joint research center, consigned research projects, etc.

To foster human resources, they agreed on cooperation in developing programs for dispatching LG Chem researchers for KIST degrees, hiring KIST research students who participated in research projects by LG Chem, etc.

LG Chem CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and Executive Vice President Yu Jiyung stated, “Through this MOU with KIST, which is a leader of breakthrough technologies related to carbon neutrality in Korea, we now have the bridgehead for the early procurement of platform and commercialization technologies related to CCU and hydrogen energy needing R&D for the long-run.”

He added, “LG Chem will cooperate with KIST to further accelerate ESG management that advances the breakthrough technologies.”

KIST President Yoon, Seok-Jin said, “It is now time for the outstanding research achievements researched and developed by KIST for the goal of carbon neutrality to come out of the lab and be applied in actual industrial sites to overcome this time of national crisis.”

He further commented, “We will spare no support so that the platform technologies jointly researched and developed with LG Chem will achieve commercialization and contribute to national development.” LG Chem is accelerating its global market advances through strategic partnerships with new drug candidates from in-house development.

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