Liquid Wind Quickly Raises 1M SEK to Produce Carbon Neutral Fuel

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Liquid Wind

The Swedish start-up recently launched its second crowdfunding campaign and has already raised 1M SEK, demonstrating the ongoing commitment to supporting sustainable solutions.

Liquid Wind, in partnership with their expert Consortium, will convert waste CO2 and renewable electricity into carbon neutral fuel, eMethanol. The funding will enable Liquid Wind to accelerate their momentum in bringing eMethanol to market at scale and reducing carbon emissions from transport.

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International Container Ship which can be powered by carbon neutral eMethanol.

Claes Fredriksson, CEO and Founder of Liquid Wind comments: “It is great to see the passion and support for sustainable fuel options. There is a huge need for alternatives and Liquid Wind are in a fantastic position to address this gap. We have expert partners in place to create cost-competitive, liquid fuel and are in active discussions with potential customers who need an accessible solution to reduce emissions fast.”

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Visualisation of eMethanol Facility

Liquid Wind are developing their first commercial-scale eMethanol facility in Sweden and plan to establish 6 facilities by 2030 before expanding internationally. The project is supported by the expertise and technology of Axpo, COWI, Carbon Clean Solutions, Haldor Topsoe, Nel Hydrogen and Siemens. Each facility will produce 45k tonnes of fuel, by replacing fossil fuels this will enable a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 90k tonnes per year. The design for the facility is well underway and funds will be used to support engineering and permitting work leading up to financial close of the facility in 2021. The eMethanol will be commercially available from 2023.

Claes believes that we now have a valuable and critical opportunity to reassess how we operate and make some important changes to ensure a more sustainable future.

“Especially in times like these, we see that it is essential to support and invest in scalable sustainable solutions that will enable us to significantly reduce carbon emissions, whilst maintaining and growing economic activity. Sweden plans to lead the way in reducing carbon emission from transport, however we currently lack fuel at the scale needed to make these important targets a reality. Liquid Wind will address this gap and the funds raised will accelerate the transition and allow us to build more facilities faster.”

You can find out more about Liquid Wind and their fundraising campaign at

Liquid Wind is a Circular Carbon Energy Company striving for a cooler world. From Gothenburg, Sweden, the emerging Company will develop, finance, build and manage replicable facilities to accelerate the transition to carbon neutral transportation and industry. Liquid Wind, with their expert Consortium, will provide investors with bankable eMethanol facilities. The facilities will produce renewable liquid fuel to empower their partners to meet their sustainability goals.

Key Facts 

  • Liquid Wind was founded in 2017 and is based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Each eMethanol facility will capture 70KT of CO2 and generate 45KT of fuel, enabling a significant CO2 reduction of 90KT, per year.

  • Liquid Wind is actively engaged in discussions with potential fuel buyers and is expecting to secure long-term sales agreements for the capacity of the first facility later this year.

  • Liquid Wind is in discussions with large-scale investors to secure financing for the facility, providing stable, long-term investment prospects.

For further information or to organise an interview, please contact;

Claes Fredriksson
CEO & Founder
Liquid Wind
0046 768 616161
[email protected]

Allie Downes
Marketing Manager
Liquid Wind
0046 73879 2957
[email protected]

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