Local Businesses Choosing Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for their Energy Needs

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Local Businesses Choosing Hydrogen and Fuel Cells for their Energy Needs 1

Local Belgian butcher/caterer going for Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration

Jeroen Vanhevel and Anneleen Verheye from butcher/caterer Jeroen & Anneleen have been running their family business for 15 years in the Belgian town of Oudenburg. Their goal is to be the most sustainable butcher/caterer in the region while providing the highest quality of products. They opted for Fuel Cell micro-Cogeneration to lower the carbon footprint and energy bills of their business.

Anneleen comments that “energy prices will continue to rise. That is a factor that will weigh on every business in the future.” Jeroen adds: “We now have four compact power stations in the garage, covering 75% of our electricity consumption. The residual heat is used to heat water. We store this hot water in buffer tanks until we need it. We are planning an expansion to 78.000kWh next year and will use the extra hot water for our floor heating and swimming pool in our new project ‘Butchersloft’.”

“As a company, we want to work as sustainably as possible. In Oudenburg we are one of the local sustainable heroes participating in a municipal project. Our kitchen waste goes to a fermentation plant for the production of biogas, which can be put on the gas grid as green gas. The Elugie power plants then take the gas from the gas grid to produce hydrogen for the constant generation of electricity. The circle is round”, the proud owners of the business tell us.

Source: PACE

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