Lyft : Partnering with Toyota Canada in Metro Vancouver to Make Zero-emission Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powered Vehicles Accessible to Eligible Drivers

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Starting today, through this first-of-its-kind Canadian partnership, eligible drivers on the Lyft platform in Metro Vancouver can rent Toyota Mirai sedans in 1-week increments up to 4 weeks at a time using the KINTO Share Canada app.

This collaboration will benefit:

  • Current drivers, who would prefer not to use their personal vehicles for rideshare or are looking for greener options.

  • Driver candidates, who want to drive on the Lyft platform but don’t own their own car or would prefer not to use their personal vehicle.

  • The environment. The Toyota Mirai is a hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicle and only emits water from the tailpipe — no CO2 emissions!

 How the program works

Drivers fuel up with hydrogen in a similar way to gas-powered vehicles. Vehicles can be refuelled in about five minutes at one of the fuelling stations located around Metro Vancouver:

Through the partnership, eligible drivers on the Lyft platform can access a Toyota Mirai sedan through the KINTO Share Canada app and pick it up at one of 3 Toyota dealerships across Metro Vancouver. The rental rate is $198/week plus applicable fees and taxes, and includes insurance and scheduled maintenance.*

The road to sustainability

The challenges of the past year have presented us with a unique opportunity to rebuild our businesses and communities in ways that are better, cleaner, and more sustainable for the future. Currently, transportation is the second-largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the country. As a transportation network, we recognize the importance of doing our part here.

To achieve our mission of improving people’s lives with the world’s best transportation, we must do what we can to make transportation more sustainable. That’s why in June 2020, we made an industry-leading commitment to reach 100% electric vehicles on the platform by 2030.

We understand a large barrier to ZEV adoption is up-front cost, which is why we’re proud to partner with Toyota Canada’s new KINTO Share program to make ZEVs more accessible for current and potential eligible drivers on the Lyft platform. Not everyone owns a car, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be able to access Lyft as an earning opportunity.

We also know Metro Vancouverites are passionate about the environment — in fact, 1/5 of the vehicles on the Lyft platform in the region are either ZEVs or hybrids. We’re committed to offering more zero-emission options for riders and drivers.

With the Canadian federal government and the Province of BC recognizing hydrogen’s importance in meeting decarbonization goals, we’re thrilled to play a role in introducing British Columbians to fuel cell technology through the Toyota Mirai and KINTO Share offering.

Terms and Conditions: KINTO Share Canada mobile application and this KINTO Share program is owned and operated by Toyota Credit Canada Inc. and in no way affiliated with Lyft, Inc. Driver participation, eligibility, access to, and use of, any content, functionality and services offered on or through the KINTO Share Canada mobile application and is governed by Toyota Credit Canada Inc. See “Legal” “Terms and Conditions” and “Terms of Use” for additional information

*Restrictions apply. See Terms of Use at

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